How to Really Win at Gifting? Here's the Ultimate Whisky Gift Giving Guide

How to Really Win at Gifting? Here's the Ultimate Whisky Gift Giving Guide

You’ve made your list. Heck, you’ve even checked it twice. But the problem isn’t who you’re getting a gift for this year — it’s what glorious bottle of Whisky to give them. After all, there are only thousands of different kinds out there.
If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, take heart. These pointers can help you navigate our virtual shelves and pick a winning Whisky for everyone on your list. To help you find the perfect bottle, here are some options to explore:

Take It Back to the Basics

The first thing you should be racking your brain for are any patterns that point to a general region the giftee might like. Do they lean toward a particular country over others?

Does Scotland tend to strike their fancy or is the corn-bread Bourbon more their style? Getting the lay of the land (and their palate) can help narrow down the options.
Scotch or Bourbon, that is the question?
Another good gauge of their style is the type of Whisky they enjoy. Are they fearless in the face of spice? Take a gander at Rye. Do they flock to a summer camp fire and revel in the smell of the smoke and kerosene? Get them an Islay Scotch, stat.
When all else fails, a special bottling from their favorite or a well-recognized brand — like, distillery editions of Jefferson's, Macallan, Caol Ila, Ardbeg or Lagavulin — will do in a pinch.

Assess Their Whisky Knowledge

Next, gauge their familiarity around Whisky.
Whisky tasting with Flaviar

If they’re aficionados with a well-stocked home bar, they probably have a wealth of knowledge about Whiskey and the accessories to best enjoy it. (That means decanters and glasses are probably out.)

In this case, you’ll want to choose a bottle that’s outside of their go-to category or something less common. If Scotch lines their shelves, consider getting them started on some Japanese Whisky that closely mirrors Scotch’s style and is found on most connoisseurs’ wishlists.

A nice Whiskey bottle is always a good idea

For the Newbs - Bottles for the Beginners

If one of your giftees is just beginning their Whiskey journey, a good starter bottle will get them up to speed on the essential Whiskies and lay the groundwork for understanding some of the industry’s iconic flavors and history, while helping them cultivate an appreciation for basic Whisky characteristics.

It’s also a fantastic way to begin building the basics of a Whisky lover’s home bar.
Think Redbreast Irish Whiskey, Highland Park Scotch, Knob Creek Bourbon, Sazerac Rye and the likes.

Mass-market or Craft?

There are certain things you can bank on if you opt for one of the big name brands in the Whisky game. For one, brand recognition — your giftee is likely to instantly recognize it. Also, mass-market Whiskies offer consistency from bottle to bottle in terms of flavor and quality.

Craft Whisky vs. stock options?
Going craft is generally a bit more expensive because their Whisky is made in smaller batches, but it can feel like a more intimate choice. These companies are much smaller than their industry counterparts and offer more variety, experimentation and excitement.

Corn Trooper United Craft Bourbon, Stauning Kaos Danish Whisky, Starward Vitalis Single Malt Australian Whisky, King’s County, Anchor Distilling, Charbay and High West are only some of the craft producers that Flaviar Members love.

Think Outside the Bottle

If you find yourself unable to settle on one bottle, start thinking beyond the liquor store shelves.

Perhaps a graphic tee with some witty Whisky repartee or a fancy new flask they can flash when they’re out with friends. A Whisky coffee table book might be a fine gift, but let’s be real — reading about it isn’t remotely as much fun as drinking it.
Flaviar flask

In that case, you might consider gifting a Flaviar membership. Show them you care and gift your Whisky lover a year of good things!

Membership gives them access to themed Tasting Boxes and full-sized bottles of Whisky from all over the world along with the opportunity to “choose their own adventure”.

Flaviar Tasting box

Side effects of being a Flaviarista include becoming an expert aficionado, trying the one-percenter Spirits, taking your hobby to the next level, and sharing your passion for the good stuff.

Look at the bottom line

Finally, determine your budget for the gift. If you have a comfortable margin to spend on bottles, the world is your oyster.

Keep in mind that Scotch is generally pricier than U.S. Whiskey mainly due to import tariffs, and the popular demand for Japanese Whiskies means bottles command a higher price point.

But don’t let the big ticket bottles dissuade you, there are plenty of memorable picks to be found for well under $100.
Flaviar tasting box is a great way to try high end Spirits without breaking the bank
Best Bourbon Under $50
Smooth sippin’ drams straight from the States.

Best Scotch Under $100
Exceptional Scottish sauce for less than a benjy.

The hot stuff - Premium Bottles

It’s time to help spread your love of Bourbon - truly American Spirit, and potentially create new fans among your family and friends. We'll give you a head start on growing your Spirits lover’s home bar with the perfect selection of 3 Bourbon bottles.

1) Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey won a 2020 Whiskies of the World Gold Medal. It is a true estate operation with everything done on-site from field to bottle. This is a four-grain Bourbon and they raise their own — non-GMO corn, winter rye, winter wheat, and two-row barley.

It’s continuously distilled in a 3-tower Vendome set-up and aged for four years in new oak. There is zero chill-filtration and cut to proof with the amazing snow-melt water to serve at 45% ABV for your pleasure.

Flaviar sat down with Colby and Ashley Frey to chat about the Spirit, the passion, the art of distillation, and women in the Whiskey industry. Uncover more secrets of Whiskey grains from Frey Ranch Distillery in this interview.

Category: Bourbon
Country: United States
Region: Nevada
Distillery: Frey Ranch Farmers + Distillers
Age: NAS
Style: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol: 45%

"I’m a huge bourbon guy and I absolutely love this stuff. Bought it on a whim and I’m glad I did!" - Jesse

2) Wild Turkey Longbranch Small Batch Bourbon

Wild Turkey Longbranch Small Batch Bourbon

One day, Matthew McConaughey said "Alright, alright, alright" and called the Bourbon legend Eddie Russel of Wild Turkey and told him he'd love to make a special kind of Whiskey. And they did. They compared notes, Matthew made a lot of calls in the middle of the night, and they created Longbranch.

Longbranch means an extending welcoming hand and it's not-so-secret secret is Mesquite. It's the actor's favorite grilling wood and it grows in Texas. They used it to refine the Bourbon and give it "that scent you remember."

Hum and pound your chest like a Wolf from Wall Street and share a sip of this rare and special potion with your Bourbon lover.

Category: Bourbon
Country: United States
Region: Kentucky
Distillery: Longbranch
Style: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Maturation: Mesquite barrels
Alcohol: 43%

"The marriage of Texas and Kentucky bourbons creates a product that breaks some boundaries., The dustiness of the dry southwest yields to the lush richness of western Kentucky. All in all, very good" - Paul

3.) Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Rare Breed Barrel Proof Bourbon was first released in 1991. Since then, there have only been 10 releases. So now you understand why it’s called “Rare Bird.” Let’s cut right to the specs. Don’t worry that there is no age statement.

All the experts agree that this powerhouse Bourbon is a combination of six, eight, and twelve-year-old top-end product. The mash bill is 75% corn, 13% rye, and 12% malted barley. And it’s bottled at cask strength! We’ve tested it straight up, but this monster was made to stand up to ice and a splash of water and teach it who’s boss.

Category: Bourbon
Country: United States
Region: Kentucky
Distillery: Wild Turkey
Age: NAS
Style: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol: 58.4%*

"Wow! I’m a fan of WT101, so I expected this to be something I’d enjoy, but it far exceeded expectations. Smooth sipper neat, despite its proof, but a little water or ice melt really opened it up for me. Tasting notes were spot on. This is my new go-to when I want to enjoy a good pour and a cigar." - Michael

Take it to the next level - Engraved Bottles

We asked our members about the best Whisky gift they’ve ever received. One thing that stood out? Personalization!
My mother and my son got me a personalized bottle of Glenfiddich 18-year-old. I’m taking it on holiday with me and I’m going to pour a dram at my father’s resting place. He loved a good dram.
Adding an engraved message to the bottle is easier than you think. Flaviar offers this unique service making it a simple and convenient one-stop-shop for personalized gifting.
Brainstorming tips to keep in mind when crafting your message:
Keep it short; two to three lines with 15 characters per line.
Inside jokes make for great material.
– Make it a numbers game! Use birthdays, anniversaries or geolocation coordinates.

Gifts Outside the Bottle - The Merch

Flaviar socks

Old Fashioned T-Shirt
Say it with 100% cotton.

Stainless steel, hand polished, 100% clutch.

Flaviar Sweater
Wear your priorities with pride.

Glasses & Coaster
Raise a Glencairn to great gifting.

Larga Vida Towel
The beach will never know what hit it.

Tasting Boxes
A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Flaviar Bar
The best parts of your favorite bar, at home.
We hope we made your gift-hunting easier. Cheers!
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