Best Bourbon Under $50

Although the threat of the Bourbon shortage has helped drive up the prices, there are still many affordable bottles you can get for less than $50.

Craft Bourbon or one of the big brands? Yes. Both. All of them: Maker’s Mark, Buffalo Trace, Knob Creek, Basil Hayden's, Evan Williams, Rabbit Hole, Fours Roses, and others. And the flavor? It can go anywhere from hot and spicy to sweet and floral. Either way, you will not have to sell the family jewelry.

We’ve compiled a list of different styles, ages, and brands of best-rated Bourbons you can get without hurting your wallet.

The first five bottles on the list are Flaviar Community Favorites, so you know you’re treating yourself to something splendid, and they’re followed by other breathtaking Bourbons that will take you on a road trip across the United States.

PS: With a $100 budget, the Bourbon world opens up widely for you to explore. Check out our list of Best Bourbons under $100 or give them a try first by buying our Bourbon-themed Tasting Boxes.

Top 5 Bourbon Under $50

Angel's Envy

Bourbon Whiskey

A living Bourbon legend. This phenomenal Bourbon is a product of Louisville Distilling Co., a distillery rooted in 200 years of Bourbon heritage that creates artisan, hand-finished Spirits. The Angel's Envy is, as they say, their masterpiece, and was inspired by legendary Master Distilled Lincoln Handerson's lifetime spent crafting fine Spirits. They offer two other expressions: a cask strength Bourbon and a Rum finished Rye. For the production of Angel’s Envy Port Finished Bourbon only mineral-rich Kentucky limestone water and locally sourced grains are used. The Bourbon is aged for up to 6 years in the upper floors of the warehouse and finished for another 3-6 months in port casks made from French oak that are imported directly from Portugal. My, oh, my gimme, gimme! Its godly flavor will bless your palate and make you pray for more. Discover more Bourbons under $100! *No returns or refunds available for personalized items.

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Buffalo Trace


This flagship Bourbon has history in every sip. There has been Whiskey made on the site of the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, for more than two hundred years. The first distillery operation that can be continuously traced to Buffalo Trace was started in 1812 by Harrison Blanton (yes, that Blanton). He sold the operation in 1870 and it was renamed the Old Fire Copper (O. F. C.) Distillery. It has been bought and sold many times over the intervening decades, but Sazerac has owned the property since 1992. They produce a wide range of Bourbons and spirits — including their signature Bourbon. Not only is the Buffalo Trace signature Bourbon beloved by its fans, it’s also really good and not overly-priced. In fact, it has become the flagship of the Sazerac Bourbon line-up. They keep the mash bill tight — Corn, Rye, and malted Barley with no Wheat filler. It is also aged at least 8 years and served up at 45% ABV. All that means rich, classic Bourbon flavor in every sip. For many Bourbon fans, Buffalo Trace is their “go-to” daily drinker and we think it would be hard to make a better choice. Smartass Corner: Buffalo Trace has a capacity of about 2.7 million gallons per year — enough to fill about 51,000 barrels. This is especially impressive since everything passes through a single, 60,000 gallon beer still (wash type).

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Reserve Very Old Small Batch Bourbon

The Reserve is what you deserve.    Jefferson’s was founded in 1997 by Trey Zoeller and his father Chet — a famed Bourbon historian who wrote the book on Kentucky Distilleries. Yes, an actual book called "Bourbon in Kentucky: A History of Distilleries in Kentucky." Heck, distilling is in their blood. In fact, eight generations ago, their super-great grandmother was arrested for the "production and sales of Spirituous liquors" in 1799. Which probably makes her the coolest ancestor ever!    The "official" story is that they named their Jefferson’s Bourbon after Thomas Jefferson because of "his curiosity and experimental Spirit." It likely didn’t hurt that Jefferson allegedly ran a still on his farm when he retired from public life… so did George Washington for that matter. Anyway, this is the mindset to which they dedicated themselves, pushing the boundaries of the definition of Bourbon. Upholding tradition, yet always discovering new possibilities. They make a range of specialty Bourbons and Rye Whiskeys in small batches, all special, all interesting in their own way. Making common Spirits is not their game, no sir.    Jefferson’s makes quality products, we established that. But even amidst their impressive product line, the Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon stands out as the cream of the crop. Let’s just say it defines their taste and quality in the most obvious way. It’s a "very small batch and very old" Bourbon, like the bottle suggests, comprised of 3 straight Bourbons aged up to 20 years and bottled at 45,1 % ABV. Each bottled is classified by number and batch ID. It’s polished and balanced and offer excellent value for such a rich product. We consider it the perfect all-rounder, a gateway into the world of premium, top class Bourbon.

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Four Roses

Small Batch Select

First Four Roses line in 12 years.   The origin of the name “Four Roses” is a bit muddy – the most popular story says the distillery was founded by a druggist Rufus M. Rose, and that the four roses are his immediate family. What we do know for sure is that the company was established in 1888; that it was the only distillery that was allowed to operate during the Prohibition (medicinal alcohol remained legal – lucky doctors); and that they produce spankingly good Bourbon. The Master Distiller at Four Roses Is Brent Elliott and he came up with a ritzy and unique expression he calls Small Batch Select.   The exclusive line that joins Single Barrel, Small Batch, and Yellow Label, is a blend of six recipes, aged for 6 to 7 years. Four Roses produces ten base Bourbons and Small Batch Select utilizes the majority of them. It’s a completely new concoction that manages to be gentle and approachable despite being 104 Proof. Brent singled out eh “F strain” of yeast that was used for this release, saying it brings a complex character and a warm-spicy palate. Small Batch Select aims to please both the casual drinkers and Bourbon-heads. A little secret, though: adding a splash of water opens a whole new world.

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Four Roses

Single Barrel Bourbon

The winner of the Flaviar Community Awards 2019 in its respective category! They say it all began when the founder became smitten by the beauty of a Southern belle. She said "Yes" to a proposal by wearing a corsage of four red roses. Ahhh. The rest is history or is it? Four Roses was established in 1888. It is somewhat unclear where the name Four Roses comes from, as several different stories are told about. It was probably named for company founder Rufus Mathewson Rose, his brother Origen, and their two sons.    Around the end of the 1950s, despite the popularity of the brand, owners decided to discontinue the sale of Four Roses Bourbon in order to focus on sales of blended Whiskey. Four Roses continued to be unavailable as straight Bourbon in the U.S. for more than 40 years — until 2002, when they again focused exclusively on Four Roses Straight Bourbon.    Four Roses distills ten separate Bourbons using two mash recipes and five yeast strains.    Smartass Corner: Four Roses is the preferred drink of hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe.

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