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People all over the world like to drink Whisk(e)y, but did you know that many nations also produce it? There are close to 30 Whisky producing nations in the world, and many of the products from the lesser known parts of the world are very popular with the Whisky-drinking crowd.

Take Japanese Whiskies, for instance, that have been at the top of the most wanted lists for the past few years. Following their path is also Taiwanese Kavalan distillery.

There are also massive Whisky production sites in India and other places you might not even think to look (Bhutan for instance). Even in Europe, there are quite a few more Whisky producing nations next to Scotland and Ireland: Switzerland, France, Sweden, Norway, and Belgium.

American Whiskey, Rye and Bourbon need no introduction and have dedicated fans all over the world, what's probably less known is that also Canada has big Whisky production and the popularity of Canadian Whisky is on the rise.
Ageing vs. Maturation
Ageing refers to the process of a Whisky getting older. Maturation is the length of time Whisky spends in the barrel, interacting with the wood and taking on its flavours.
What is the Angels' Share?
The amount of liquid that evaporates into the air through wooden oak barrels. It causes producers a loss of around 2% of the stored spirit every year. The amount of lost liquid increases with higher temperatures. So in a hot climate it's economical to choose a denser wood.
What is Single Malt Whisky?
Single malt Whisky is malt Whisky from a single distillery.
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