Whisky can sometimes feel like an easy gift to get, especially if you know what your friend or loved one likes. Even if you’re buying them a brand they’ve never tried or heard of, it can sometimes feel like an obvious choice.

But with these gifts, you have lots of choice in all the different types available, as well as getting them something that will last a lot longer than a bottle of something.

1. Flaviar Half-Assed Christmas Gift

You could sign someone up for a membership to Flaviar - or opt for something from the Half-Assed Gift Collection for some holiday hijinks.

It starts as a god-awful holiday gift, like a truly heinous snowman tie or a season’s greetings mug that looks like it was made on MS Paint. But upon further inspection, they’ll find that the half-assed gift includes a code to unlock a year-long Flaviar subscription.

By giving them a Flaviar Membership, they’ll expand their horizons through tasting and discovery of different Whiskies (and other Spirits) through quarterly deliveries of tasting boxes and full-size bottles, access to members only tasting events, monthly free shipping and more.

2. Personalised Whisky Stones

"Chill Rocks is the aficionado's choice for "on the rocks"." - PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/ mygiftology Whisky stones are fantastic for the Whisky purists who like their drams cold. It’s also just a nice accessory to have in our drinks cabinet/fridge.

Since there are a number of different brands of Whisky stones out there, we have gone for the personalised kind. This just adds a little something more personal and means every time they enjoy a nice cold dram, they’ll be thinking of you!

3. Ian Buxton's Book: 101 Legendary Whiskies

101 Legendary Whiskies Book - PHOTO: Instagram/drams_to_shareIan Buxton is a legend on the Whisky scene and getting your loved one a book by him will look really good, especially if you’re not into Whisky yourself. His 101 Legendary Whiskies is a great gift as it is interesting and informative and will have your Whisky loving friends drooling.

Although these Whiskies are mostly rare and expensive, and so your friends will probably never try them, the book is packed full of fun facts that any Whisky nerd will truly appreciate.

4. Whiskies of the World Advent Calendar

It’s not just kids that like the countdown to the holiday season. Big kids too, are looking forward to finally being able to put the out of office on and switch off for a few days of eating and drinking like a king.

Flaviar has the perfect way to mark down the days to the festive season with two booze-filled advent calendars.

If there's one thing a Whisky lover in your life would like it's probably a Whiskies of the World Advent Calendar, right?

5. 12 Days of Christmas Tasting Box

The bliss and joy of a Christmas morning is back with a box of twelve Whiskies waiting for you under the tree. It's a sequel to the Advent Calendar and a way to reclaim Christmas for yourself. Give 12 Days of Christmas to your favorite person, even if that person is you.

Did we mention that both Advent Calendar and 12 Days of Christmas come with a Glencairn glass and a booklet with tasting notes?

Can't decide which to choose? Don't worry, this season only, we're offering a special package - Flaviar membership bundled with the Advent Calendar or 12 Days of Christmas, so your giftee can start their membership experience with a bang.

6. Diamond Whisky Glass

Everyone knows the Glencairn is probably the best and most popular Whisky glass, but this diamond glass is a lot more interesting to look at.

"They're awesome" - PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/ gingerpritchThey probably don’t work to funnel the aromas to the top of the glass or allow you to admire the legs on your dram, but when you look like a James Bond villain whilst drinking, that won’t really matter.

This is the perfect gift, especially if your giftee already has a Glencairn or something similar, as it gives them the option to just enjoy their dram out of a really cool looking glass.

7. Flaviar Distillery Tours

This is the gift that your friend or loved one will really thank you for. Rather than just another generic package under the tree of something they will never look at again, be a part of our distillery tours!

We pulled some strings and made it possible for our members to see the backstage of certain distilleries, getting the VIP treatment, exclusive access to their secrets, special pricing on all their products, and a unique blending experience.

8. Royal Doulton Whisky Decanter Set

"Family meal but still manage to get a little time to myself" - PHOTO: Instagram/ food__dMore glassware, but this time a decanter set that will give an edge of sophistication and class every time a dram is poured. With a gorgeous design, this is a set that will look good in any room and impress any guest.

Decanters are a great idea, especially at Christmas time when drinks are flowing. This is a gift that can be used as soon as it’s open and can add a nice feel to winding down on Christmas Day.