This Father’s Day,
take him on a world tour of fine Spirits

“I won’t quit exploring fine Spirits (or skating) until I am physically unable. Flaviar will make you feel like a pro regardless of your experience.” — Tony Hawk

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Give him what he really wants:
time with you

“At first, sharing spirits with my Dad was just drinking, but then more and more discussions would pop up, and he would start buying the spirits himself and talking about what he had bought, so there was more and more in this for us to share.“
Daniel H., Flaviar member
"My Dad and my brother both drink spirits, so it is a kind of cool bonding experience for all three of us to be able to explore different whiskeys, Scotches, and Bourbons together. I really enjoy that."
Jacob B., Flaviar member
“What really drew me to Flaviar was the ability to do tastings. There’s a lot of subscription services that will send you a bottle, but the Tasting Boxes where you can get three in one box and enjoy the variety with somebody else was unique to Flaviar.“
Carol M., Flaviar member

Give them a round trip to the world of fine Spirits

from the comfort of their home

Flaviar brings the distillery tasting experience home. Choose from themed Tasting Boxes that will introduce your lucky gift recipient to new, rare, and exciting spirits.

Whether you’re sitting side-by-side in person or FaceTiming across time zones, our handy tasting notes help you expand your knowledge and enjoy your time together.

Plus, getting to explore new and delicious drams with each other is just a way better gift than another boring necktie.

Unique gifts don’t have to be complicated

Here’s how his Flaviar Membership works
He gets 3 generous samples Each quarterly tasting box comes with three 1.5 oz glass vials filled with premium Spirits in the theme you’ve chosen for him. Plenty for a relaxing day.
He also gets one full premium bottle Because sharing is caring and dads love drinking with their buddies. It’s kind of their thing. Quarterly drinking parties are a go.
Open. Pour. Drink. It’s easy going (just like him) Our Flavor Spiral™ will steer him through every taste and aroma, while handy Spirit Profiles equip him with backstories and fun facts.

Now that’s what we call a spiritual experience

Where we come from, there’s always more under the tree. To torture the metaphor, the Tasting Box is just one delicious ornament on the Flaviar Club Membership tree. Your special someone’s gift also includes…

Of his choosing each quarter — in addition to the Tasting Box!

We ships, he sips, and you win “Best Gift of 2021”.

Access to Flaviar-exclusive Spirits — including special craft distillery creations & spirits co-created by Flaviar Members favorites.

A friendship bound by Spirits is a bond for life. If he refers a friend, they both get a complimentary bottle of a Members' favorite. For every friend.

Like a Zoom meeting, but with alcohol, knowledgeable Spirits experts, celebrities, and fellow aficionados.

Let him mix and mingle with other Spirits enthusiasts who rate, review, and rave over Spirits so he can always find new favorites.

Introduce him to WhistlePig Piggyback

his new favorite rye

The last WhistlePig expression made by the father of craft distilling

His first quarterly bottle will be the premium WhistlePig PiggyBack Rye, the last expression Dave Pickerell, the father of craft distilling, made for the brand. WhistlePig has gained a cult following for experimenting with Rye Whiskeys, and PiggyBack Rye is a smooth sipper that also makes a mean Manhattan.

That's in addition to a Tasting Box of his choice, of course.

Ready to buy the perfect gift?

Every dad is different

and we’ve got a drink for the one in your life
+ many more

“I won’t quit exploring fine Spirits (or skating) until I am physically unable. Flaviar will make you feel like a pro regardless of your experience.”

— Tony Hawk, Flaviar Member

What he gets in a year

Tasting box
  • 4 Tasting Boxes of their choosing
  • 4 premium Bottles of their choosing
  • Bragging rights
  • Insider info on hidden gems
  • Access to hard-to-get Spirits
  • Tailored recommendations for what to try next
  • Free shipping on qualifying orders via our delivery falcon, Garry
Got questions?
Flaviar membership is fully customizable. The recipient decides what they’ll receive and when they would like to utilize their benefits. Every membership experience is unique. Gift purchasers have some options, too:
  1. Choose between different membership lengths.
  2. Choose between a virtual or handwritten gift card (US only). One’s instant, the other has more ‘weight’ to it ;)
  3. Have the card sent to you or directly to them. Virtually or via post. On the date of your choice.
  4. Add a personal message or select one of ours. We serve them neat.
The handwritten gift card will be delivered within 5-7 days from the date of your choice. We’ll also send you a digital copy of the gift card straight after purchase. In postmen we trust... but backup never hurts. Of course! You can purchase bottles here and Tasting Boxes here . However, for a lasting and truly memorable experience, we\d recommend the gift of Flaviar Membership⁠—they can tailor the membership to their wishes, receive varied and exciting benefits, and it’s great value for money. And the best part? The gift only really begins when they receive it! Please note that for one-off bottle & Tasting Box purchases, we do not currently offer gift notes or gift receipts. Indeedio! Click “Get another gift” upon purchase and you’re good to go.
Flaviar Membership begins the moment they claim the secret code. The instructions are simple and written on the gift card. What then? They embark upon a wondrous journey through the world of fine spirits. To kick things off, they choose their maiden shipment—a Tasting Box and a full-sized bottle! Members have full control over their membership. Everyone is invited to stay, but further commitment is entirely up to them. Usually, gift members end up loving it so much they never want to leave. And you’ll always be the one who helped them discover Flaviar. Currently, our services are available in all European Union (EU) countries. Nothing’s left to chance! Members tailor the experience to their wishes from the moment they join by choosing their first shipment. It only gets better from there. Important club announcements and new benefits are communicated via email and they can expect the following: ✓ 1 Tasting Box of choice per quarter
✓ 1 Premium bottle of choice per quarter
✓ Free Shipping every month
✓ Free Distillery Tours
✓ Boutique selection of full-size bottles and Tasting Boxes
✓ Access to Flaviar-exclusive bottlings
✓ $10 towards their first purchase
✓ School of Spirits virtual course
✓ Full control over Membership
Members count! We constantly add perks and upgrade existing benefits based on Member feedback and experience.