Flaviar Flask

Flaviar Flask

Premium stainless steel hip flask

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Character Goatson

A classy hip flask to keep your Spirits closer 

Life is unpredictable. There will be situations when you’ll need a drink, with no quality booze around: your daughter’s recital, bad cocktail party, post-apocalyptic world, or Mars. There will be cold nights when you’ll want to share a moment – and a sip – with someone special; and there will be summer evenings when you’ll want to celebrate life itself with the best dram. You don’t have to toast with whatever is at hand – do it with your fav dram that’s in your pocket!

The elegant Flaviar Flask makes every Spirit “to go” and holds 6 oz (177,44 ml) of your favorite dram. It’s hand-polished and 100% spill-proof. It’s made from stainless steel, and it was laser-welded. Goddamn lasers were used! The deep rose gold will look good with every outfit and the branded Flaviar dove will make sure everyone knows you belong to the Family. We’ll even add a fancy low-tech anti-spill solution (a funnel), so you don’t waste the good drop.

We make it sound really la-di-da, but it’s simple: you need a drink – you have a drink.

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