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Japanese Whisky

Welcome to the Land of the Rising Dram.

Japanese tried to create a Whisky as close to Scotch as possible, hence no ‘e’ in the Japanese Whisky, but allowing the traditions and climate nuances of Japan to influence the end product. Despite not having the ability to claim centuries of history like its Scotch counterparts, in the 90 years-ish since Japanese Whisky production started they have risen from exotic alternative to world-beating Whisky of choice across the globe.

Japanese Whisky is smooth, really enjoyable and quite interesting in its complexity. You won’t find harsh flavors here, more savouring blends and single malts that are delicate whilst not lacking oomph. Japanese Whisky has been enjoying immense popularity for the past few years and is a fast sell out all over the world.

Japanese single malt Whiskies are produced just like any other single malts, distilled from yeast, water and malted barley at a single distillery. They mature in oak casks for at least three years and a day. Due to climate conditions, Whisky in Japan matures at a faster rate than in Scotland, and similar to the US, the wood the Spirit is aged in imparts a lot more flavor into the final product.
How to drink it?
It can be enjoyed in many different ways but it's usually consumed neat, as a Highball (mixed with sparkling water) or Mizuwari (mixed with water).
Why is Japanese Whiskey so expensive?
There is simply not enough supply to meet the ever-growing demand.  
Proper spelling?
It’s Whisky, not Whiskey. Japanese tried to create a Whisky as close to Scotch as possible, hence no ‘e’ in the Japanese Whisky.
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