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Spice, spice, baby! That's exactly what you're getting from a glass of Rye Whiskey. This hot-blooded dram is made from at least 51% rye grain. And that's not our number—it's actual U.S. law. Think of this as Bourbon's edgier cousin, one who's history dates back to 17th century Colonial America. In fact, you're not only drinking a damn good Whiskey, you're drinking part of American history.
Rye Whiskey vs. Bourbon
Today the main differences are that Bourbon has to be made in America, while Rye Whiskey can be made anywhere, and whereas Bourbon has to be made from 51% corn, Rye has to be made from 51% rye. Corn distillation produces a sweeter tasting Bourbon Whiskey while Rye presents as zestier.
What is the best way to drink Rye Whiskey?
You can't make a proper Old Fashioned, Sazerac or Manhattan without Rye. The Spirit also can be paired with Club Soda or Ginger Ale, or drunk straight, neat or on the rocks.
What is Straight Rye Whiskey?
For an American Brown Spirit to be labeled a Straight Rye Whiskey it must be distilled from at least 51% Rye and aged for a minimum of two years.
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Rye sparked the first revolution after the American Independence. It was called the Whiskey Rebellion, and it arose when the government tried to tax Whiskey and enforce the taxation on distillers. The lesson here? Don't mess with a Whiskey drinker's dram.
George Washington famously loved his Rye Whiskey. In fact, after he served as the first president of the United States, he returned to his farm at Mount Vernon and started a small Rye distillery of his own.
A decade ago there were only 6 brands of Rye Whiskey hailing from Kentucky, nowadays there are more than 50!
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A Brief History of Rye Whiskey
A Brief History of Rye Whiskey
What's the Difference between Bourbon and Rye?
What's the Difference between Bourbon and Rye?
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