The Flaviar Bar

Turn your home into a voguish club with the Flaviar Bar

The focal point of every home used to be a fireplace, until central heating was invented. Now, we need a new hearth – preferably one with booze.

A home bar is the perfect place to gather and chill. Because we know the hardest part is the beginning, we came up with the Flaviar Bar, your new nook to unhook, fully equipped and stocked with six bottles of premium stuff. Love turns a house into a home, but Flaviar Bar turns it into a bar at home.


Stand By Me

The Flaviar Bar stand is an ‘objet d’art’ as they say in France. It was designed and handcrafted in Europe, using premium materials, while American hands assembled it.



Superior steel. We source our premium materials from the same supplier to ensure uniform quality. Prime flat steel is turned into a sturdy stand by hand with specifically tailored welding tools and a special finalizing process that refines the color.



Diamond-drag engraved, tough and handy. Top tray is created from aluminum tin alloy, which is polished and treated with a semi-metallic coating that renders the tray tough, shiny and copper-like.


Concrete Tray

Rough concrete turned into a sophisticated piece of art. The ultramodern self-consolidating concrete becomes a sustainable, durable and environment-friendly bottom tray by marrying high-tech wizardry with old-school handwork know-how. The handmade ‘objet d’art’ was designed and crafted in Europe, and assembled in the US.

Make it Yours!

To make sure everyone knows whose Flaviar Bar it is, it comes with a personalized name tag screwed tightly on the shiny (and detachable) copper tray. Say. My.

The glass is always half full

Top-notch Spirits require top-notch glasses. You can pour an 18YO Scotch into a cup, but should you? To avoid such cardinal sins, the Flaviar Bar comes with three pairs of gorgeous essentials:

  • Two tumblers,
  • Two Glencairn glasses, and
  • Two Martini glasses.

Be your own mixologist

Some evenings call for an opulent Old-fashioned or a spectacular Negroni. You could uber to the closest cocktail bar – or you can mix one yourself.


The Flaviar Bar is fully equipped with every contraption an aspiring Brian Flanagan needs:

  • A rose gold shaker,
  • A rose gold strainer,
  • A spoon and a jigger, and
  • A top-quality mixing glass.

Born ready to party

A home bar without alcoholic beverages is really just a table, so we stocked up your Flaviar Bar with five bottles every startup lounge should have:

  • Rum,
  • American Single Malt Whiskey,
  • Ready to drink cocktail,
  • Premium Aged Whiskey, and
  • Scotch.

How’s that for a first-class kickstart?

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