Treat Your Boo-de-Vie Like VIP

Bouquets and candy are good enough gifts for puppy love—but if you’d like to up your Valentine’s game, go for 10/10 V-Day presents and make your roses-are-red holiday extra special. XOXO

flaviar membership

THE GIFT for Your Kindred Spirit

How do you make sure your S.O. always has something exquisite to share? By turning them into a Flaviar Member! We'll help them become a bona fide connoisseur with an impressive home bar in no time.

Pocket-Friendly Wowzers

Bet On a Winning Gift

You can always rely on the collective palate of our Members to find an affordable gem.

themed tasting boxes

Taste Together

Find new shared favorites with carefully-selected sample sets of world-class Spirits.

Flaviar Originals

Delight Your Exclusive

Surprise them with Club's own private bottling and toast with a dram designed to please Flaviarista connoisseurs.

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Snazz ‘Em Up

Let your love show off their love for fine Spirits in style.

Tasting Journal
T-shirt - Havana
T-shirt -Louisville
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