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Flaviar presents: Flaviar presents! All occasions, flavors, and budgets. Explore our curated Gift Shop, and find a spot-on, mouthwatering wowzer of a gift.

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Each of these drams is an instant winner. Just put a bow on it.

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Flaviar Memberships

Looking for a gift for someone who deserves only the best? Simple: give them an epic tasting adventure at home by making them a Flaviar Member.

They'll get to pick fine Spirits and themed Tasting Boxes included in their Membership, access curated selections of premium, rare, and sought-after drams, take advantage of free shipping and Members-only deals, learn through watching live and on-demand tasting sessions, and get an opportunity to co-create new Flaviar brands.

Pick a plan that suits them, and start practicing your my-gifts-are-the-best face.

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Community Picks

You can always rely on the collective palate of our Members to find an affordable gem.

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Flaviar Originals

Created for (and with) the Flaviar Community. By Flaviar. Original. Exquisite. You get it.

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Themed Tasting Boxes

Send them on a journey of exploring flavors with themed tasting flights. (No delays!)

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Let your love show off their love for fine Spirits in style.

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