White Socks? Your Dad's Bluffing. These Are The Gifts He Really Wants!

Fathers are tricky, they are. They’ll tell you no, no, they don’t want anything for Father’s Day, it’s no big deal—OK, sure, a card is fine.

For years, when we asked my father what he’d like for Father’s Day, it was the same refrain: “Nothing. I don’t need anything. Oh, all right—you can get me some white socks, that’s all I need.” White socks: That’s a bluff.

I know now his protests were not true at all. My father, like all fathers, loved being recognized, celebrated for the good dad he is. He WANTS the appreciation; he’s just a touch embarrassed to say it. White socks don’t cut it.

Your father deserves something special, something that shows you’re looking out for him. Something that speaks to his good taste and yours, which carries emotional weight.

We have some gift ideas that are zesty, imaginative and memorable. And a lot of them can be poured, gleamingly, from a bottle. What’s important though, is that you choose with care: don’t just grab some premium bottle of booze because it’s at the top of some list.

Distinctive Dads Deserve Distinctive Drams
You don’t just check off a box for your dad. You know his tastes, you know what he sips with appreciation and what he quaffs without interest.

Go there, to where the man lives. For instance, he might be a fellow that smacks his lips over a nice Bourbon, but his tastes trend outside the typical—he drinks differently.

So something like Breckenridge’s high-rye Bourbon, with its nose notes of banana, molasses and white pepper, would perk his perspective. This is a drink with a rich mouth-feel and a lingering spicy-sweet tang.

Buying him Breckenridge shows you didn’t buy on a reflex, but that you reflected on who your dad is and came up with something that has his signature.


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But what if he’s more of a martini man? However, he’s also a guy that turns up his nose at run-of-the-mill Gins. You could do no better to stir his senses than picking up a bottle of Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin, which uses a triple-distillation process (with cranberries, no less, tossed in with the botanicals) to make an aromatically arresting Gin of complexity and edge.

Dad’s nose will light up at the Monkey’s peppery explosion, and his palate will tingle with its weaving of citrus, pine needle and berry nuances. For a man who likes his Gin crisp and racy, Monkey 47 doesn’t monkey around.

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Put Your Message On (a Very Special) Bottle
Then again, what if your father is a traditionalist, a guy who likes some history in his Whisky glass (along with a long, smooth, smoky finish)?

Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label has the heft, the deep mahogany hues, those hazelnuts and hints of dark chocolate niceties that reaffirm that all’s right with his world.

The legendary ?Blue? now available with complimentary custom bottle engraving!

It’s challenging to improve on Johnnie Blue, but for Dad’s Day, we can: you can get complimentary engraving of a custom message to the man of the hour on his gift bottle.

Think of something charming for your 45-character (3 lines of 15 characters each) limit. Perhaps something like:

This makes up
for destroying
the transmission.

Or maybe:

Remember, Dad:
Never drink alone.
I’m here!

Or if you want to go a bit softer, perhaps:

The bottle has
my dad’s regard.
I have his love.

With Friends Like Flaviar, Dad Will Never Drink Alone
And if you really want to be sly, buy dear old dad a Flaviar membership. Think of it: Flaviar members get access to an extraordinary collection of premium spirits from around the globe, curated by our spirits experts.

Our liquor connoisseurs trek to the ends of the earth in a continual pursuit of the finest drams, in every category. Flaviar membership is a gift with drama, suspense and deep gratification.

With friends like Flaviar, dad will never drink alone

For instance, membership gets dad Flaviar tasting boxes—generous samples of those superior spirits. Surely dad will want to share, and he knows your number! That nifty membership also includes invitations to exclusive tasting events, and you know what we’re getting at: you are the perfect companion to your father’s good fortune.

By Tom Bentley

Tom Bentley

Tom Bentley is a business writer and editor, an essayist, and a fiction writer. (He does not play banjo.) He’s published hundreds of freelance pieces in newspapers, magazines, and online, and two books. He would like you to pour him a Manhattan right at five.



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