Gin gets its dominant flavour from juniper berries. As with many other spirits, Gin was originally intended to be used as medicine. Yeah right!

It all started in the 18th century, when the consumption of Gin increased rapidly in Great Britain, especially in London. Roughly 300 years later, today, it is still one of the most popular base spirits for many classic mixed drinks like Martini and Gin & Tonic.

Several styles of Gin have evolved since its earliest days, so if you’re not best friends with juniper, you can get yourself a Gin that is less juniper-heavy and puts other spices or botanicals in the front. Since a lot of new brands have popped-up on the Gin radar in the past few years, the selection of Gin is truly remarkable.

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It’s a common myth that Gin is a tear-jerker. Of course, drinking too much of it will make you feel awful the next day, but that’s the same with any alcohol.

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