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Whisky Advent Calendar

  • 24 Spirits samples
  • Glencairn Glass
  • Flaviar Coaster
  • Tasting notes booklet
$225 $250

Whiskies of the World Calendar

  • 24 Whiskey samples
  • Glencairn Glass
  • Flaviar coaster
  • Tasting notes booklet
$213.99 $214

Got questions?

Does the 2020 Flaviar Advent Calendar feature the same drinks as last year?
No! This year’s Calendar features an entirely new selection of Whiskies.

What is the difference between the RESERVATION and the PRE-ORDER?
UPDATE: Only preorders can be made at this time. Reservations aren't possible anymore.

If you placed a reservation, the chosen number of Flaviar Advent Calendars will be reserved in your name, and for each Calendar, you’ll be charged $75. Early in November, your credit card will be charged for the remaining amount. When that goes through, your Advent Calendars will be immediately shipped to the shipping address you entered when placing the reservation.

If you, however, pre-ordered a Flaviar Advent Calendar, no further action is required from you. Early in November, your pre-ordered Advent Calendars will be shipped. Before that we'll reach out to check your desired shipping address.

What if I made a RESERVATION, but don’t have sufficient funds on my credit card/my credit card has been lost or cancelled? How and when will you charge the remaining amount?
Don’t worry. In case there are any issues with your credit card before we charge you for the remaining amount, we’ll notify you and give you an opportunity to address them. In case we’re not able to charge you within 5 days after the first attempt, your reservation of Flaviar Advent Calendar will be cancelled. In this case, refunds are not possible.

When are you shipping my Flaviar Advent Calendar?
Your Flaviar Advent Calendar will be shipped right away in order to reach you as soon as possible.