London Dry Gin

London dry Gin is the world’s most popular Gin style. Despite its name, it's not always from London and can be made anywhere, so long as it contains only natural ingredients.

So what makes it “London”? It must be made from pure grain spirit, with flavour introduced from natural botanicals through re-distillation. London Gin also mustn’t contain colouring or any added ingredients other than water.

Despite being the most common style of Gin around today, the flavours in this category vary wildly–from citrus notes to herbaceous styles and even spicy, peppery flavours in some. The terms London and Dry Gin can be used interchangeably and this is what you’ll find in your glass when ordering a Gin and tonic… well, basically anywhere in the world.

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Is Gin gluten free?
Sort of. While Gin is made from a grain spirit, which could include wheat, barley or even rye, some experts say that it’s still suitable for those on gluten-free diets due to being distilled. The distillation process removes enough of the gluten protein in the drink to make it gluten-free. But proceed with caution.

Few Gin distillers make their own alcohol. Gin usually starts with neutral Spirit: A commodity that distillers buy in bulk. It’s what the distiller does with this commodity in the flavor-infusing process that makes each Gin different.

Gin was so cheap and popular in London in the first half of the 18th century, an epidemic of drunkenness engulfed the city. There were 7,000 Gin shops by 1730 and wasted Londoners fell victim to acts of violence and widespread addiction. The government had to step in with an emergency legislation to stop the so-called "Gin Craze".

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