When it comes to getting gifts for Vodka lover, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. Things can often feel like a mad rush so we’re here to have your back. Want to shower your nearest and dearest with some wondrous Vodka gifts? Then look no further…

1. Flaviar Membership

Get your Vodka lover inside an exclusive Members Club, reserved only for the true Spirits spies. 

As a Member, they’ll get a themed Tasting Box of various Spirits and a full-size bottle of their choice delivered to their door, they’ll be able to take advantage of unlimited free shipping on qualifying orders, join free live and virtual tasting events, earn additional perks by referring their thirsty accomplices, and become part of the most passionate community that enjoys sharing their notes, comments, and reviews with others.

Give them a license to access private bottlings, special editions, and extremely rare gems locked inside The Vault, or let him snag one of the many Flaviar Originals.

No matter their level of expertise, your Vodka Lover will learn new stuff through tasting and content such as on-demand guided tastings, educating videos, in-depth articles, the School of Spirits, and so on.

Gift them a flavorful journey into the World of Fine Spirits and share the experience together. 

2. Quarantine Vodka

No, this is not some kind of a Bond villain weapon for world domination, although this marvelous Vodka could as well take over the world. 
One of the few things to come out of the infamous 2020 ordeal, Quarantine Vodka is an ultra-premium base Spirit for any cocktail-loving Vodka lover. 

Quarantine Vodka

Let your gift recipient have a go at making a superb Quarantini and the two of you can then plot the rest of the evening away. Muahaha!

“So good! must have a bigger bottle if sharing!” - Priscilla, Flaviar Member


3. The Sharpest Glassware

  • Martini glasses

Let’s start with the glassware. There’s no better gift than these chic Martini glasses.

They are sure to set the tone for any drink - virtual or otherwise! The beautiful honey-toned glass will help any Vodka lovers you know to get the season started.
  • Tumblers

If you know someone who’s more of a White Russian kinda person than a Martini drinker, we’ve got you covered.

This stylish pair of tumblers will elevate the simplest of cocktails or be the perfect choice for a Vodka on the rocks. Made in Devon by Dartington Crystal, the UK’s leading glass manufacturer, this quality cut glass gift will last a lifetime.
  •  Shot glasses

No celebration is complete, and no appetite fully opened, without the option of starting with a shot. For a very grown up gift look no further than Villeroy & Bosch’s opulent Octavie shot glass.

4. Vodka Tasting Box

Get your friend or a family member a short Spirits briefing before they commit to a full bottle by getting them a Flaviar Tasting Box. Inside they'll find three vials of world-class Spirits, tasting notes, and instructions on how to taste—perfect for a tasting party featuring the both of you.

We pick the drinks to showcase the flavor range of each category and make it even easier for them to find The One. Flaviar Tasting Box is guaranteed to bring you two even closer.

Vodka tasting Box

Now, if you guys want to bring home the full distillery experience, scan the QR code on the Box and let our Spirits professional Brad guide you through the contents in a Members-exclusive guided on-demand tasting called the Unboxing Flavor.


5. Valued Vodka Variants

If you want to look for some other weapons of choice, check out this list of craft Vodkas or check our Christmas selection below and get your Vodka lover one you can both enjoy:
Now you’ve got the glass sorted, it’s time to get to the main event. If you’re looking for a gift that says “I’ve scoured the shelves for something extra special that you can enjoy again and again”, you could do a lot worse than wrapping a bottle of Kabumm Vodka.
The clean finish and favor are sublime, and the bottle is a sleek addition to any home bar.

Your palate will definitely recognize hints of vanilla, lemon, and white pepper. Not only is this Vodka made from single-estate wheat and employs a unique freeze filtration wizardry; it also won a ton of platinum awards.

elit Vodka

For your best friend, your partner, or that family member who has been your rock this year, you might be unsure which Vodka to select. What about a spirit with notes of white chocolate and marzipan? The Stillery’s First Dinklewheat Vodka is a winning choice - quite literally it is an award-winning Vodka and is the Dutch company’s first Organic spirit. And it’s organic to boot.
As you can tell, we could go on when it comes to Vodka… so we’ll point you in the direction of a few other tempting tipples: Pau Maui Vodka, Bar Hill Vodka,  and Aivy Blue Triple Vodka. In order to stay within your budget: Explore our best Vodkas under $50!
Other Valued Vodka Variants
We ship, they sip, and you win “Best Gift of 2022”. 

6. Flaviar Merch

Update your recipient's Spirits game and his style with some trendy Flaviar Merch. From socks to cool flaskscoasters, and pins, make sure he’s as sharp as the Vodka they're sipping.

And if they really want to show off his love for Spirits, there is a big fancy Flaviar Bar with his name on it—we mean it, you can personalize his gift and put his name on it.

7. Jigger & Mixer

If you’re after a present for a home bar, or something to go with a beautiful bottle, then try this stainless steel jigger and mixer by Marquis and Dawe. This handcrafted set is the perfect minimalist touch.

8. Poster

Perhaps you’re after a gift that can liven up a living space? Then look no further than this bold and bright poster. It’s a great gift for any space, a stocking filler for grown-ups, or even a cheeky self-indulgent purchase!

9. Spice Drops

Finally, and one of my personal favorites is this ingenious little kit by Holy Lama. You can really spice things up by adding any one of these spice drops into your cocktails. Your friends will not know what they’ve been missing when you give them these drops - they are an absolute game-changer for any cocktail lover or chef.

Inspired to start your own wish list? Take a look at our shop to see which bottles you’d love for yourself.