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If you're looking for a great Vodka under $50, you can't go wrong with any of the bottles featured here.

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Top 5 Vodka Under $50



A Double-Gold winning Vodka from Austin, Texas… YeeHaw! If your last name is "Beveridge," you must be destined for the Spirits business, right? It didn’t seem that way at first. Bert Butler "Tito" Beveridge II originally wanted to train horses. Then, after getting college degrees in geology and geophysics, he got into the oil business and the mortgage business after that. But along the way he started creating homemade flavored Vodkas to give to friends as gifts. He was hooked, forming Fifth Generation Inc. and his Mockingbird Distillery in 1997 — originally two tanks set upon soda-pop crates and powered by a turkey fryer. Today his "little" operation churns out nearly a million cases of Tito’s Vodka per year. In Austin, Texas, there’s plenty of corn around. So, keeping true to his roots, Tito’s is made from 100% local yellow corn. Tito ran personal blind taste tests — buying the best Vodka’s off the shelf and trying out recipes, formulations, and techniques until he thought his was the best. Sales picked up. Then he received an unsolicited request to enter his Vodka in the World Spirits Competition. He was busy fixing a boiler, so he just sent a case to the event… and won the Double Gold Medal. Keeping it simple, clean, and with a rich mouth feel — Tito’s has put Texas on the Vodka map.

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Crystal Head


Vodoo stuff.   Crystal Head Vodka is produced under its parent company, Globefill Inc. and is situated in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. The company was founded and created by actor Dan Ackroyd and artist John Alexander. Alexander also designed the distinctive glass skull that the Vodka is packaged in. The company prides itself on being additive-free, unlike the majority of other Vodkas on the market. The liquid is filtered a grand total of seven times through Herkimer diamonds, giving it an incredibly smooth mouth-feel.   Crystal Head Vodka is worth investing in for both the magnificent bottle it is packaged in, as well as the fantastic liquid inside. Made from Ontario “peaches and cream” corn and then mixed with glacial water from Newfoundland, this Vodka has more to it than just being a pretty decent tipple. Not only is it filtered seven times, three times of which through Herkimer diamonds, but these stones are said to have healing properties by some new age groups (although you’ll have to figure out if that’s true or not on your own!). There is a great vanilla sweetness to this Vodka that rounds off nicely with a spicy kick. The finish lingers just long enough and has that satisfying Vodka burn.  

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The One-percenter of Vodkas. The story of elit begins in the forest-steppe of the Tambov region of Russia. They're known for their insanely fertile black soil that produces high-quality grain. And you know what the Russian mages do with grain? Vodka! The elit Estate checks each harvest, slowly ferments it, and distills it three times to make it pure AF. Then, they ship the Spirit to the capital of Latvia, where they blend it with artesian water that comes from the deepest wells. To make the Vodka even clearer, they filter it through super-fine quartz sand and Russian birch wood charcoal. And you'd think their magic stops there. Nope! They then freeze the Spirit at -18°C (which is -0,4°F) and put it through ion-charged filters. The seemingly purest Spirit on planet Earth is then bottled by hand, and what your senses can expect is a crystal clear, slightly viscous Vodka with good legs, a clean and fresh nose, and an opulent, velvety mouthfeel. Your palate will definitely recognize hints of vanilla, lemon, and white pepper. Not only is this Vodka made from single-estate wheat and employs a unique freeze filtration wizardry; it also won a ton of platinum awards. We're talking about some Russian royalty here. За здоровье!

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A brisk and clean Vodka made from corn and rocky Mountain snow-melt with a floral profile. Based high in Rocky Mountains of Colorado at an altitude of 9600 feet, Breckenridge Distillery calls themselves "The World’s Highest Distillery." And yes, we are pretty sure that the pun is intended. If you took a hard look at their impressive range of seventeen product offerings and three-dozen awards — including winning "Distillery of the Year"… twice — you might think that they have been around a long time. But Bryan Nolt founded the place in 2007. That makes their numerous achievements even more impressive. Breckenridge Vodka starts with a base of pure corn Spirit. That is a VERY American approach to Vodka and it tends to yield a sweeter Vodka than potato, but a bit less sweet than Eau de Vie Vodka. And it’s smoother than wheat or rye Vodkas. It gets a traditional charcoal filtration, but that charcoal is derived from coconut shells because… well, just because. Actually, carbon filtration from coconut shells is the gold standard in eco-friendly, renewable carbon filtration. And Breckenridge Vodka is distilled and cut to proof with Colorado snow-melt. And it you know your water, then you know that this water is GREAT water with a specific mineral content that adds to the mouth-feel.

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Absolut Elyx

Single Estate Vodka

Absolut, redefined. Luxury, quality, integrity, and craftsmanship. That's at the heart of Absolut's premium Elyx Vodka. It's crafted from winter wheat from a single estate in Sweden that has been cultivating wheat for 5 centuries in the climate that is perfect for the grain. Then there's the manually-operated copper column still from 1921 that is used for distillation, resulting in a super-clean and smooth Spirit. "Liquid silk," they call it. And we haven't even mentioned that it all takes place in a 15-mile radius right there in Åhus, Sweden under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Kristen Asplund. The team has poured all of their experience from Absolut into this premium expression. Then there's the premium bottle that houses the 80-proof liquid. Designed by London's Stranger & Stranger, the luxurious bottle is made with 40% recycled glass and celebrates that vintage still. It's an unmissable artifact that screams "all hail copper!" from the shelf. And then, once in the glass, it enchants with its clean and silky-smooth profile. 

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