Paul John

India Founded in 1996

For the production of Paul John single malt Whiskies, a pair of copper stills are used and the resulting Spirit collected from the stills are 63.5% ABV on average. The Whisky is then matured in different casks.

There are 7 expressions released from the distillery as of now. The general profile of the Whiskies are different, vibrant and unexpected.

Some Whiskies have tropical touches with spices and sugar, while in others the peat is very dominant. The difference in malt is also highly noticable.

The award-winning, Paul John Indian Single Malt has won over 200 prestigious international awards in its existence.

The brand portfolio includes 3 flagship expressions – Brilliance, Edited and Bold, 2 Select Cask expressions – Classic and Peated, and the limited editions such as Oloroso and Kanya.

The tropical climate of the region also provides the ideal environment to mature the whisky.

Fusing art and science, Paul John Indian Single Malts are meticulously crafted from ingredients native to India – 6-row barley, water, and yeast. Paul John Indian Single Malts are all non chilled-filtered, made without any additives.

Paul John Flavor Spiraltm
  • honey
  • vanilla
  • raisin
  • caramel
  • oak
  • malty
  • apple
  • apricot
  • spicy
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Paul John Distilleries
John Distilleries manufactures the world’s seventh-largest Whisky brand - Original Choice; over 15 million cases have been sold.


Paul John
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John Distilleries was founded by Paul P. John in 1996 in India. In two decades, they have become one of the largest independent Spirits companies in the world. 

They grew to become a leading Alcobev company in a decade, not just in India but across the globe under the guidance of the Chairman, Paul P. John. 

John Distilleries has 12 manufacturing units across eight states with their primary unit in Goa on the west coast of central India. 

Their first single malt Whisky operation was realized in 2008, with the Paul John brand. John Distilleries produces 3000 liters per day in their facility for Paul John alone. American casks are generally used, with 8% evaporation. 

They became famous with their Original Choice, one of the top-selling brands in India. It is one of the top 10 selling Whiskies worldwide, with sales exceeding 11 million cases a year. Their seven varieties have been internationally critically acclaimed for quality since their first releases. 

Their unique Paul John Peated Select Cask is made from local malted barley, and the peat is imported from Scotland. 

Other unique brands in the John Distilleries portfolio include Black Pelican Whisky, Mont Castle Brandy, Roulette Brandy, and Big Banyon Ampersand and Goana’s Wines.

Distillery info:
  • Country India
  • Established 1996
  • Owner John Distilleries Pvt Ltd
  • Type Single malt/ blend
  • Status Active
  • Address John Distilleries Private Limited, #110 near, Pantarapalya, Nayanda Halli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560039, India
  • Phone 074477 88979
  • Website
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Perhaps it's the presence of age old cultures or maybe it's lush tropical mangroves and the glorious beaches, for there is always and extraordinary enchantment in the air. And that's probably why Goa is not just another place, but a whole experience, just like an exceptional single malt. That's why I chose Goa as home to our single malts.

My father ran a chain of liquor stores and alcohol wasn't new to me. At an early stage I realized that alcohol was of interest to me, although I did try my hands in other businesses. I've always enjoyed single malts, treasuring the experiences each dram offeres and the emotions they awaken. Somewere down the road I started to think ''Why not make my own single malts'', and thus I set out to do my research. It wasn't an easy journey. But i finally managed to product the plant and launch the brand. But today, we've been able to bring the soul of India across the world and we've been so honored with the appreciation and the awards we have received.

Unlike most single malt Whiskies that use two-row barley, we use six-row barley, grown in the foothils of the Himalaya in our Whiskies. We believe this huskier barley contributes tremendously to the depth of our Whisky's character, along with the premium quality of the nationally sourced water.

The long necks of the exclusively designed copper pot stills ensures maximum contact with the copper, giving the new make spirit a rich, full-bodied flavor.

The Whiskies are matured in carefully selected American Oak Casks and the humidity of the region hastens the speed of the maturation to such an extent that the angel's share is often at 8%. The Whisky owes much of its natural and diverse rich colors from sparkling copper to dark mahogany. And it's distant flavors of spices, fruit, vanilla, honey and much more to the oak of the casks.

We have three flagship expressions, two select casks, and occasionally a limited edition. Each expression is non-chill filtered. Brilliance is non-peated, with a soft, sweet fragrance and gently spiced flavors. Edited has a hint of peat and rich flavors of mocca and vanilla. The peated Bold has a hefty spice and a rare dash of tobacco and smoked bacon.

The appreciation we've received from the international palate after the launch in the UK has encouraged us to go to the rest of the world. It's been a long journey, but without doubt it's been a great experience, and we are very excited of what lies ahead.