From the Vault by Flaviar - Buy Old, Rare & Vintage Whisky

From the Vault by Flaviar - Buy Old, Rare & Vintage Whisky
From the vault

Dear Member,

Well, look at that. You’ve found The Vault. Your keen sense for sniffing out a good dram hasn't failed you yet.

Alas, The Vault is currently closed. Now, you’re probably wondering what’s inside. While we can’t reveal specifics, we can tell you that it contains some of the most coveted, critically acclaimed and elusive Spirits of this day and age. Take a look below.

Once a month, we unseal The Vault and give you access to our private collection of drams. Each new addition to the Vault is intended for you and you alone. No one gets an unfair advantage and there is no hidden stock. After all, even the rarest of spirits deserve to be tasted and shared.

How will you know when it's about to open? We’ll announce it via email and social media. Make sure you’re following us and act fast—rare Whisky waits for no one.

Tasting is Believing,
Uncle Flaviar


from past Vault editions



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