From the Vault by Flaviar - Buy Old, Rare & Vintage Whisky

From the Vault by Flaviar - Buy Old, Rare & Vintage Whisky
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From the vault

Dear Member,

Even the rarest Whiskies deserve to be tasted... and shared. This is why we have unsealed our Vault, giving you access to our private collection of some of the most coveted, prestigious, critically acclaimed and elusive Spirits of this day and age.

The Vault represents our effort to make these exceptional drams available to those who deserve a taste the most—you, our brothers and sisters in Spirit.

Each new addition to the Vault is intended for you and you alone. No one gets an unfair advantage and we keep no hidden stock. The only way to ensure you get your hands on one of these beauties is by keeping a vigilant eye for new arrivals and acting fast.

Tasting is Believing,
Uncle Flaviar

Rosebank 21 Year Old 1992 Cask Strength

— $1920.00

A precious portal to a different time.

The GlenDronach 27 Year Old 1990

— $1250.00

A regal Highland Scotch with a Sherry soul.


Redbreast 27 Year Old Ruby Port Casks

— $1230.00

Ruby-red treasure from Eire.

Caol Ila 20 Year Old 150th Anniversary

— $2270.00

A mythical bottling if we ever saw one.

Old Fitzgerald 16 Year Old Bottled In Bond Bourbon

— $970.00

Incredible history in a gorgeous bottle.


The Macallan 1874 Replica

— $2020.00

Macallan’s legend resurrected and bottled.

Brora 1975 20 Year Old Rare Malt (200ml)

— $1710.00

Witness the rare echo from a silent distillery.


Four Roses Blended Straight Whiskey 1930s

— $1210.00

One pint of history.

Michter's 20 Year Old Bourbon

— $2887.99

This Bourbon legend means business.

Son of a Peat Batch 02

— $160.00

The One and Only!

D'Aincourt Cognac Premier Cru

— $4200.00

The ultimate wonder of a Cognac.


George T. Stagg Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 2019 Release

— $760.00

Uncut, unfiltered, unbelievable.

The Macallan Exceptional Single Cask 2018/ESB-9064/03

— $3550.00

A superior Scotch, ladies and gentlemen.

Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve Bourbon 20 Year Old

— $3150.00

The Big Daddy of Bourbons is in the house.

Weller Full Proof Wheated Bourbon

— $540.00

Wheat-powered NAStonishment.

The Macallan 30 Year Old Sherry Oak

— $6100.00

This might be *the* perfect sherried malt.

Nikka Taketsuru 21 Year Old Pure Malt

— $970.00

What does the Best Blended Malt taste like?

Highland Park Wall Street 13 Year Old

— $360.00

Greed is good!

The Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak

— $460.00

One of Macallan’s all-time classics.

WhistlePig Boss Hog Edition 六: The Samurai Scientist

— $590.00

The first American Whiskey finished in Japanese Umeshu.


Orphan Barrel Archive Collection

— $2740.00

The supreme Kentucky sestet.


Old Carter Straight Rye Whiskey Batch 6

— $231.99

Crye for the Rye.

Flaviar Bar

— $489.00

May the best Bar be yours!

Yoichi 15 Year Old

— $1340.00

A Highlander hailing from... Japan.

Peg Leg Porker 15 Year Old Pitmaster Reserve

— $580.00

A new gem from the pitmaster distiller.


Blood Oath Pact No. 6

— $233.99

Sweet, hot punch in the palate.


The Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch #6

— $470.00

An otherworldly concoction.

Blanton's Gold Edition

— $560.00

A gorgeous Bourbon that plays hard to get.

Yamazaki 12 Year Old

— $270.00

Catch this young'un outside, how bout dat?

Ichiro's Malt and Grain Premium / Chichibu and Hanyu

— $1080.00

Rare & premium Japanese NAS blend.

WhistlePig Boss Hog Vth Edition: The Spirit of Mauve

— $780.00

A love story for the ages told through an epic bottle of Rye.

Angel's Envy Mizunara Cask Finish Bourbon

— $3360.00

Kentucky cowboy with a deluxe Japanese finish.


Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve Bourbon 15 Year Old

— $1886.99

The boldest of the Pappy clan.

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old

— $2221.99

A rare annual offering.

Barrell Craft Spirits Bourbon 15 Year Old

— $250.00

Best American Whiskey of 2018, y’all!

Clean Type The Essence of Suntory Blended Whisky

— $710.00

A refreshingly bright blend from Suntory.

Buffalo Trace Kosher Straight Rye Whiskey

— $290.00

It’s kosher, and you’ll want to share.


Karuizawa Spirit of Asama

— $1670.00

Ethereal echo from a silent Japanese distiller.

Angel's Envy Cask Strength Port Wine Barrel Finish 2016

— $570.00

Loud, exquisite, and unforgettable.

Highland Park Empire State 13 Year Old

— $330.00

New York exclusive Viking soul.

Buffalo Trace Hancock's President's Reserve

— $280.00

High rye and pretty fly Bourbon.


Glenfiddich 1994 Rare Cask 20 Year Old

— $1190.00

A unicorn among Scotch Whiskies.

Hakushu 18 Year Old

— $790.00

The Japanese kind of extra mile.

Four Gate Foundation Batch 3

— $850.00

Bourbon so good, it didn’t need a barrel finish.


Elmer T. Lee 100 Year Tribute Bourbon

— $870.00

A sumptuous celebration of a centenarian.


Tomatin 25 Year Old 1988

— $480.00

A grand and soft Highlander.

Blanton's Original Single Barrel

— $160.00

Kentucky's Thoroughbred.



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