Craft Distillers Need Your Help. Here's What You Can Do.

Many industries are hurting right now, including craft distilleries. The restaurants, bars and events their products support have been closed or delayed. They can no longer welcome the public into their facilities — one of their biggest sources of financial support. Their future is up in the air.

But Flaviar has supported craft distillers since day one, and we don’t plan on stopping now. We include them in our Tasting Boxes, Distillery Tours program and member-exclusive events, such as blending workshops or delicious dinners with top Chefs. They’re the little guys. The mavericks tinker with tradition and boldly innovate in a way that changes the industry. We not only support that — we celebrate it.

And we want to let them know that we’ve got their backs. That’s why we’ve put together The Top Shelf.

What we’re pouring

The Top Shelf is a collection of our Members’ favorite craft bottles all in one convenient spot - from Bourbons and Ryes to Scotch Whisky and Mezcal. Buy a bottle, support a small distillery.

Craft Spirits Selection

You can even choose to directly support one of your local craft distillers by locating them on a distilleries map we’ve conveniently put together.

Craft Distillery Map

Meet the brains behind the bottles

Behind every great bottle, is an even greater distillery. And the people behind the scenes are every bit as amazing as their booze.

From our collection of interviews, we’ve picked the ones that will help you get to know the selected craft brands - Jared Himstedt from Balcones, Bryan Nolt from Breckenridge, Rick Wasmund from Copper Fox, PJ Rigney from Drumshanbo, Paul Hetko from Few, Bill Welter from Journeyman, Caleb Kilburn from Kentucky Peerless and many more. Time for some Spiritual reading!

Support them to help them support their communities

Although times are hard, craft distilleries have not forgotten their local communities. Many of them quickly shifted their production to making hand sanitizers: Balcones produced over 18,000 bottles which they donated to first responders, hospitals and others in need in Texas and across the country. In April and May, they will also donate $5 to the USBG COVID-19 Relief Campaign for every bottle purchased.

Few Spirits Distillery has donated their hand sanitizer to the Evanston Police Department and St. Francis Hospital; The Shed Distillery to specialist palliative care; anyone can stop at Breckenridge Distillery and grab a bottle (of sanitizer) for free, with a suggested donation to the US Bartenders Guild.

Medical communities throughout the Chicago area are supported (and stocked) by Koval Distillery, New Holland Spirits team have produced 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to keep Michigan safe, and Sagamore Spirits have produced 54,000 liters for Maryland health providers.

OOLA Distillery is donating hand sanitizer to the essential business realm, but it’s also available to purchase at their distillery. If you’re from Alabama, you can get it at John Emerald Distilling, just bring your own containers (and while there, you can also buy a bottle of regular booze), and if in New York, Kings County Distillery is the right address.

Wolfburn Distillery dropped off a selection of their Whiskies at the local house care home to keep their Spirits up - and they loved it!

These are just some of the initiatives, and some of the many reasons to support craft distillers by buying their products. And one day, in the very near future, we’ll toast to their tenacity — and the world’s.

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