This Is What Was Hidden Behind the Doors of Dramilicious Flaviar Advent Calendars

This Is What Was Hidden Behind the Doors of Dramilicious Flaviar Advent Calendars

What’s better than a 3-sample Tasting Box? Only the 24-sample Advent Calendar. This holiday season, Flaviaristas traveled the world through the colorful selection of Whiskies or Spirits from all over the globe.

Flaviar’s Whiskies of the World and Spirits of the World advent calendars opened the door to a world of flavor each day of the holiday season.

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The calendars included 24 different drams of Whiskey (or other Spirits), a Glencairn glass in which to enjoy them, a Flaviar coaster, and a tasting notes booklet with details of each dram.

Flaviar Whiskies of the World advent calendar

Our Whiskies of the World Advent Calendar took our members and other Spirits lovers on a journey from Scotland to Spain, Texas to Taiwan and Ireland to India via Islay. Including award-winning drams, single malts, grain Whiskies, Bourbon and Ryes – all bases were covered and each day uncovered a new Whiskey delight.

There were Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky, from the UK, Australia’s Starward Nova and Spain’s Navazos-Palazzi Bota Punta Single Malt Whisky - but check out the impressions and happiness shared on Instagram below.

Flaviar Spirits of the World advent calendar

For Spirits lovers that like venturing beyond Whiskey, this year we also prepared the Spirits of the World Advent Calendar. Behind each door a new Spirit adventure was found - from Armagnac to Aquavit, also including firm favorites like Gin, Vodka, and Rum.

This advent calendar transported you from San Antonio to Spain and from the Caribbean to Cognac. Whether you wanted to sip these treats neat, enjoy them over ice or mix them up into a cocktail these Spirits definitely brought the holiday feeling home.

Hidden behind three of these doors you could found Madre Mezcal, Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac, and Pisco Logia, but we won’t give the game away totally and tell you everything, check the images below or browse Instagram for more - @flaviar_com and #flaviar.

Missed this year’s fun? Don’t worry, check out the newest edition of Flaviar Advent Calendars and make sure you start the next holiday season with a bang that will last for (at least) 24 days.


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