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Guatemalan Rum

Guatemalan Rum is distilled from fermented virgin sugar cane syrup–not from molasses.

Because of the frequent earthquakes in Guatemala, barrels are stored upright, rather than on their side. Some Rums are aged using the sistema solera process, which leads to gradual blending of Spirits of different ages.

Guatemala also requires that the fresh Spirit is put into the barrel at no more than 60% ABV. The ageing warehouses are at very high altitudes, where temperatures are cooler and more consistent year-round, thus suitable for a slooooow ageing process.

Guatemalan Rum is best savoured on its own, but it also works well in some cocktails. If we could recommend only one Guatemalan Rum, it would be ...Nah, you'll just have to try them yourself.
Rum and Age Statemants
In the US, the age statement must refer to the youngest Rum in the bottle. In practice, there is much variation among brands and expressions as to the veracity of age statements.   
What is Overproof Rum? 
This term refers to Rum with an ABV over a standard value, usually 120 proof, or 60% ABV.
What is Single Barrel Rum? 
Most Rums on the market are blended to achieve a consistent flavor. A single-barrel Rum comes from just one barrel and may taste different from barrel to barrel.
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