Don Julio

Founded in 1942

In 1942, Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada began distilling Tequila at the tender age of 17 in the city of Atotonilco El Alto in the Highlands of Jalisco.

With the confidence of a young man, he started his own distillery, which was originally called La Primavera and it wasn’t until decades later that his sons renamed it to honor their father.

Don Julio had a brilliant pioneering mind and he is responsible for revolutionizing the world of agave-forward Spirit — creating the first luxury Tequila, Cristalino Tequila.
Today, Don Julio Tequila is still distilled, matured, and bottled at the same distillery in Atotonilco El Alto. The microclimate and mineral-rich clay soil in the region are ideal for growing blue agave and only the finest, fully mature plants are selected for the time-honored production of one of the most famous Tequila brands in the world. 

Don Julio Flavor Spiraltm
  • herbs
  • earthy
  • spicy
  • coriander
  • zesty
  • caramel
  • chili
  • citrus
  • sage
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