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Brandy, in general, refers to any kind of distilled Spirit made from fermented fruit juice.

The fruit in question is often grapes (see: Wine), but there are a number of Brandies based on apples, pears and other sweet fruits.

While most Brandies are Wine-based—Spanish Brandy and Armenian Brandy are good examples—don't count fruit brandies out. They've got a few tasty surprises up their sleeve.

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What is the difference between Cognac and Brandy?
All Cognac is Brandy, but not all Brandy is Cognac. Cognac must be produced in the Cognac region of France, while Brandy can be produced anywhere in the world. 
Know your Brandy labels
Very Special (VS) or 3-star is aged for at least two years, Very Superior Old Pale (VSOP) is aged for at least four years, Extra Old (XO) is aged for at least six years, Hors D'age: Too old to determine the age.
How is Brandy served?
Serving Brandy is traditionally served at room temperature (neat) from a snifter, a wine glass or a tulip glass. When drunk at room temperature, it is often slightly warmed by holding the glass cupped in the palm or by gentle heating.
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Brandy was invented in the 16th century by a sneaky Dutch merchant who learned how to remove water from Wine and save cargo space. He then added water again and called it “Bradwijn”, which means “burned wine”.
Brandies can help digestion, so they are perfect after meals. They were and are still considered medicine. Basically, any fruit that can be fermented can be distilled and turned into Brandy.
Nevertheless, the best Brandies are required to preserve the concentrated flavor of the used fruit.
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Alexis Ohanian x Flaviar - Shakmat Brandy COMING SOON
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