Gifts for Tequila or Mezcal Lovers on Your Christmas List

Gifts for Tequila or Mezcal Lovers on Your Christmas List

You know they love agave spirits but don’t want to get them just another tequila or mezcal bottle, cocktail guide, or knick knack. We’ve got you covered. Here’s the 2023 Holiday Gift Guide to Agave Spirits!

1. Flaviar Gift Card

Flaviar Membership

Take all the guesswork out of your gifting and give them "the Gift of Choice" with a Flaviar Gift Card.

This gift card lets them call the shots when choosing their favorite dram or they can use it to join the exclusive Flaviar Club.

Flaviar Tasting box is a great way to explore new Spirits

2. Tequila and Mezcal-Themed Tasting Boxes™

Flaviar Tasting box

A flight of tequila samples is perfect for a tasting party, or if the tequila lover wants to try a fancier tequila before they commit to a full-size bottle. Each Tasting Box™ comes with three vials that have enough juice for a trio of tasters, so it’s an excellent opportunity to invite yourself over, right?
There are also tasting notes and instructions that will help him explore the spirits properly.
Grab a tequila or mezcal-themed Tasting Box™, and surprise them with new flavors. It’s a gift guaranteed to bring you two even closer.
Cristalino is Forever Tasting Box™

Want to elevate their holidays into a truly lavish celebration of intricate flavors? They’ll love unveiling the crystalline secrets of Cristalino Tequila with our exclusive 5-vial Tasting Box™, curated by Flaviar experts and the pioneer of Cristalino, Juan Domingo Beckmann, himself!

3. Proyecto Diaz Coffee

Get your morning started right. Proyecto Diaz’s motto is “caffeinate with purpose” because they are focused on importing Mexican coffees that rebuild the coffee farming infrastructure that doesn’t get as much attention as it should from the global coffee marketplace.

They have a bi-weekly subscription service or you can buy individual roasts from the farms that they work with.

4. Craft Sipping Vessel

And why skimp on the vessel that you’re using to sip that coffee or mezcal?

Mexico By Hand imports amazing Michoacan craft items that are all certified food-safe which will also light up your table when you’re using them and your cupboard when you’re not. All of these pieces are handmade, each is a unique item with its own bit of heft and curve - you can’t get more unique than this.

If you’re thinking far enough ahead make an order from Collectivo 1050 Grados - an Oaxacan collective of ceramicists - which features stunning craftsmanship and delightful motifs.

5. Flaviar Merch

Flaviar merch

Update your lucky gift recipient style with our dazzling merchandise. The Flaviar Flask will make any tequila to-go, while they can savor their favorite spirit like a gentleman with a set of Glencairn glasses.

The famous concrete coasters are included, of course. No home bar in their house yet? Well, give them a Flaviar Bar, then. It includes a classy personalizable bar stand, barware, and glassware.
Flaviar flask

6. Literary Delights

Mezcal themed books

If you want to give the gift of deep consideration then consider two books that will take your breath away.

As profiled in our Mezcal in Pop Culture article, Under the Volcano is an underappreciated literary masterpiece. It’s also mezcal-soaked and a deep dive into the experience of Mexico that will reward literary seekers read after read.

Granville Greene’s Mezcal Rush is like a New Yorker essay about the contemporary world of mezcal in book form. It’s three years old now but just as fresh and resonant. Greene embedded himself with distillers and brings their craft and the surrounding culture to life but he doesn’t stop there, he travels along with the mezcal to look at how it’s sold in the U.S. and how these different cultures are intertwined.

7. Tequila Bottles

Don Julio Tequila

If you’re just hunting for a bottle of terrific tequila, we’ve got your back as well. Show them you care with one of these beauties:

We ship, they sip, and you win “Best Christmas Gift of 2022”.

8. Mezcal Pleasures

Madre Mezcal

For the smoke lovers, here's a list of awesome mezcal bottles you can't go wrong with:

Or for someone who wants to try something completely different, here's Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rumzcal, original dark aged rum & Mexican mezcal that will blow anyone's mind daring enough to taste it!

We ship, they sip, and you win “Best Gift of 2023”

We also have a selection of quality Tequilas under $100 if you want something great for fewer dineros. Embark together on a Tequila journey and discover new flavor dimensions.

9. Vacation

Gift them an experience that they'll never forget. Set up a mezcal or tequila tour for when traveling to Mexico is once again on the agenda.

Mezcalistas has a full line up of regions, tour guides, and the logistics to consider.

Or here is another idea! If you check tequila lover in at the Matices Hotel de Barricas in La Cofradia, they’ll sleep in a tequila barrel in the middle of an agave field.

Tequila barrel hotel

We’re talking about huge barrels, of course, furnished with amenities such as a minibar and AC. They also offer tasting sessions and guided tours, so we’re talking about a vacation te-qil for.

So, here you go. Happy shopping!
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