Ireland Founded in 2011
Glendalough produces Irish Whiskey, Poitín, and Gin.

In Irish Whiskey, there's a Double Barrel Single Grain Whiskey, which is a floral delicate Whiskey finished in Oloroso casks. Also in their line up is a 7-year-old single malt, named after St. Kevin's 7 years in wilderness, and his establishment of the city of 7 churches. They also have a 13-year-old single malt devoted to the "lucky" number 13.

All of the Glendalough Irish Whiskey is either single malt or single grain, which is uncommon in Irish Whiskey that is usually blended. 

Main characteristic of their Seasonal Gin is a slightly different flavor profile every season, as it's always infused with the local botanicals that are available at the time of production.

Glendalough also produces a few different expressions of Poitín.
Glendalough Flavor Spiraltm
  • spicy
  • vanilla
  • woody
  • fruit
  • toffee
  • black pepper
  • rancio
  • floral
  • red apple
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The Glendalough brand is personified by the story of St. Kevin:
"In the 6th century, St Kevin was supposed to be the next king of the Irish province called Leinster, but he turned his back on the nobility and hiked the mountains for 7 years until he came to this glacial valley, which is Glendalough, and set up a monastery there.
He was a monk, but not the sort fo monk we might think of today, we like to think he was more like Bear Grylls – his passion was the wilderness, God and doing things his own way, the hard way. We really liked that about him - doing hard, but right way. That’s the reason he’s on the front of our bottle," explain the founders.


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The Glendalough distillery is located in Wicklow. The young distillery was founded by five friends, who all brought different strengths to the table, but shared a passion for Irish Whiskey.

The Glendalough distillery opened in 2011,
making its appearance in the market in 2012, with the Glendalough Poitin. Since then they've also added a few expressions of Irish Whiskey and a Gin to their lineup. 
Distillery info:
  • Country Ireland
  • Established 2011
  • Status Active
  • Address Unit 39, Unit 9 Newtown Business And Enterprise Centre Newtownmountkennedy Co Wicklow, Newtown Mount Kennedy, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
  • Website
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