Garrison Brothers

United States

For being a small distillery in Texas, the Garrison Brothers have a fairly wide range of products. But their flagship Whiskey is their Barrel #6 Bourbon

The name stems from when they were just getting started and had a dozen or so test barrels aging in their warehouse, as they were refining their formulation.

The Garrison’s determined that the Bourbon aging in barrel #6 was the optimal formula. Thus the name, and Barrel #6 Bourbon Whiskey is still the core of their product line.

The aroma has strong notes of butterscotch and vanilla with a bit of coconut. The palate crackles with caramelized sugar and brown butter and warm toast. The mouth-feel is pleasantly thick and rich too.

Garrison Brothers Flavor Spiraltm
  • honey
  • caramel
  • apple
  • spicy
  • cinnamon
  • leather
  • toffee
  • butterscotch
  • elderberry
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Garrison Brothers
They were originally called Lone Star Distillery, but Busch Brewing — owners of “Lone Star Beer” didn’t take kindly to the name, suggesting rather strongly that Dan should find a new name.
Garrison Brothers
They have only one still — a former “experimental” still used in the laboratories of Wild Turkey that they have affectionately named “The Copper Cowgirl.”


Garrison Brothers
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Dan Garrison -- an ex-marketing executive for a tech company -- founded Garrison Bros. in 2008, after being laid off by a former employer.

Garrison put a few investors and family members together, and started selling product contract from other distilleries. After a few years they generated enough resources and market interest to officially launch a distillery in 2008, about 60 miles west of Austin in the tiny town of Hye, Texas.

In order to set themselves apart, and maintain an authentic Texas character, they set up large cisterns to catch local rainwater. They also use 100% local barley, corn, and wheat grown on their own 65 acre ranch, in the making of their signature spirits.

They have slowly ramped up production, and now have a tight range of Bourbons, as well as a handful of innovative “experimental” Whiskeys

Distillery info:
  • Country United States
  • Established 2008
  • Owner Independent
  • Visitor center Yes
  • Status Active
  • Address 1827 Hye-Albert Rd, Hye, Texas 78635
  • Phone (830) 392-0246
  • Website
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