Deer, Bear & Moose

A wild trio wandering the lands, searching for rare, mysterious & elusive barrels. This is what makes great, inaccessible Whisky available to you.

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Dear friends,

What brought us here is our shared love for flavor exploration. We love seeing masterful craftsmanship, intriguing character, and confidence in a Whisky. But these feats alone will not earn it the Deer, Bear & Moose seal of approval. Rational reasonings can only take us so far. It's hard to explain, but once a drop of any Deer, Bear & Moose Whisky touches your tongue, you will know why it carries the name. That's a promise.

- Your Flavor Brethren


You're a bit late to the party, sorry! Previous editions of Deer, Bear & Moose were extremely limited batches of just a handful of cases and all the bottles found their proud new owners by now.

The good news is that the next edition is just around the corner. It will be just as magnificent as the previous ones, every collectors wet dram. Expect it soon, very soon.

Deer, Bear & Moose
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