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Wolfburn distillery broke ground in August 2012 and released their first Whisky in 2016. Since the beginning, it was important to the Wolfburn team that their Scotch was made in a slow, unhurried fashion. From milling to bottling, no automation is involved. Everything is done on site by hand.

Wolfburn uses a mix of first-fill Bourbon, Sherry, Rum and Port casks to age their drop. And you can imagine, each imparts their own flavor in the Scotch. Which is how their three main bottlings—Northland, Aurora and Morven—came to fruition.

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All about Wolfburn distillery

West of Thurso in the far North of Scotland, the intrepid can find the Wolfburn Distillery. There, in the cool winds whipping off the North sea, visitors can watch ferries shuttle passengers from Caithness to Stromness, on the Orkney mainland.

A distillery of the same name was built in 1821, closing some time in the middle of the century for unknown reasons. The distillery was marked on a survey conducted in 1872 as ruins. The modern Wolfburn was approved for construction in 2012, 350 miles from the site of its predecessor.

Production began the following year. Wolfburn released its first single malt in March of 2016. Wolfburn is taking a philosophical stance in its production, eschewing the trappings of modern automation in favor of certain traditional methods.

Using long fermentaiton, extended, manual distillation and maturation involving casks which once held Islay peat monsters, Wolfburn's process prepares the make for a distinguished and exciting expression.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Highlands
  • Established: 2013
  • Address: Wolfburn Distillery Henderson Park Thurso Caithness KW14 7XW United Kingdom
  • Phone: 01847 891051
  • Website: