Pizza Party: Pair Your Favorite Pie With Beer and Spirits

Pizza Party: Pair Your Favorite Pie With Beer and Spirits

Blatantly refusing to dig deeper into the National Pizza Party Day origin story, because we're all the way here for having one! And just to be clear, we're not talking about (TikTok) Toxic (office) Pizza Parties. Hard pass on that.

So, the "holiday" at dram is celebrated on May 20 or every third Friday in said Month and is not to be confused with any of the other 4 National something Pizza Days also in existence.

Here are some general guidelines for fitting Pizza Party Day treats and activities we approve. Eat delicious pies, wash them down with a great drink pairing, crank Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen's bop from the 90s, Gimme Pizza, and enjoy. Preferably in good company.

F* You Pizza Party Up

If you're new, "F" stands for flavor/Flaviar around here, but we like where your mind's at. Now that we're comfortable with each other, here are our suggestions for turning a basic bash into a stunner.

No matter what kind of pizza floats your boat, for the love of Uncle Bob, ditch the red and blue plastic cups. Do a tiny bit of research on Beer, Spirits, and cocktail pairings with food, apply, and you have yourself a tasty soiree.

Here's what we're thinking about for drinks based on different pizza toppings.

Simple Pizza

We're fading in with the OG Margherita (with all due, sincere respect to Napoli) and its cheesier cousins. We can't guarantee that the pie alone will give you an "Eat, Pray, Love" moment at home, but the Spirits suggestions below alone can do it.

Margherita pizza


Light Beer such as Czech Pilsner, Belgian Witbier, German Hefeweizen, or the sour German Gose goes perfectly with the simple and light flavors of the pies.

However, the cheese-centric variations will shine the brightest with an American-style session IPA or a Belgian Blonde.

Spirits & Cocktails

These pizza versions should work best with lighter, sweeter cocktails with Gin or Vodka. You already know our favorites. Pick up that Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin bottle and make a mean Negroni. You can also further simplify matters with a delicious Gin & Tonic with Hendrick's Gin. Pick Vera Spirits for the non-alcoholic experience.

Not a party without Whisky? Try something finished in Red Wine Barrels like Westward.

Meat Pizza

The perfect pairing for our people on the opposite side of the vegetarian-pizza spectrum.

Meat Pizza


Match pork-based toppings with maltier Beer, such as German Munich Lager, American-style Amber Ale, or Red IPA.

On the other hand, beef-based recipes go great with hefty Porter or Stout (American or English). But if your pie features smoked meats, match those with an equally smoky German Rauchbier.


Try to pair pies with toppings based on style for the optimal effect. Pick a peaty Scotch like Caol Ila or Hakushu Distiller's Reserve for smoked meats with full flavors. Try a nice Rye with pork, but the dram that won't let you down is Bourbon, neat or in cocktails.

Spicy Pizza

If you're not hungry by now (Simply Red voice), you can try rocking a vintage Moschino "pizza print" t-shirt or Rag & Bone's 2015 Pizza Rat capsule collection for the "Pepperoni aesthetic" to get you in the right mood.


Cut through the intense spicy flavors with an equally strong good old-fashioned American West Coast IPA or a Belgian Saison.


Fight fire with fire. Go for artisanal Madre Mezcal Espadin and make a Beach Borracho. There's also exquisite Ten To One Dark Rum that can be made into a delicious Daiquiri at once.

Pizza With a Twist

Pizza purist beware - trigger warning if you're one of those adventurers who likes Pineapple Pizza, well, good for you. Here's what to serve with it.


Match the oddity on the pizza with wildcards like the milkshake NEIPA, Black IPA, and White Stout, IPA brewed with juniper berries, chili-infused Pale Ale. Gruit brewed with herbs instead of hops, Belgian Lambics, Flanders Red, or any American Wild Ale.


Go for a Tanqueray No. TEN Gin in a Pineapple Martini or a Hercules Mulligan neat or with Ginger Beer, to drive the out-there image home. You can't spell extraordinary without extra, right?


Seems like a great excuse to break out the cocktail kit and clear the home bar a little. Are you joining the fun? If so, will you let us know how it went? Tag us on social media about it!

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