A Whisky Christmas Tree Is The Only Christmas Tree You Need

A Whisky Christmas Tree Is The Only Christmas Tree You Need

You may have already finished putting your decorations up for this year but don’t you feel like it’s maybe just missing something? Extra bits of fake snow? Some sparkling lights outside? Maybe a wreath?

Of course not! Whiskey is what you need my friends. Take a moment to imagine how much more you would be enjoying the festive season right now if you could come home to a Whiskey themed Christmas tree.

It seems so glaringly obvious now that we say it doesn’t it? Well don’t worry, we’re here to help. You have enough time left before the big day to step up and give your Christmas tree that touch of Whiskey sparkle that it so desperately needs.

1. The Stand

First things first you need a stand for your Christmas tree and there is nothing better for the job than a used Whiskey Cask. As you can see, they come in all shapes and sizes.

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How the hell do you get your hands on a used Whiskey Cask you say? Well don’t worry, the producers of Bourbon want you to enjoy Christmas as much as you enjoy their Whiskey so a lot of them have done the hard work for you.

Jack Daniel’s, for example, offers a half-barrel planter that will sort you out in no time. The best part is after Christmas is over you can keep using it for your flowers!

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2. The Bottle Approach

Have you ever noticed in a Whisky bar that the way the bottles are enticingly lit up often involves using small fairy lights underneath them?

It’s almost as if they were made for each other.

If you have enough empty bottles, a clever bit of stacking can give you a quick and easy Christmas tree. All it takes is some well-placed Christmas lights to bring the whole tree together.

Jameson has popularised this one by using it in marketing campaigns but their green bottles with gold and red in the labeling really do scream Christmas when placed in the tree shape. Here’s a video on stacking the bottles together if you’re looking to copy the above.

3. Decorations

Now understandably not all of us have lots of empty Whiskey bottles lying around the place. But this definitely doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on the fun.

Do you remember when you were a kid and finding chocolates on the Christmas tree was literally The. Best. Thing. Ever. Well, luckily Whiskey producers in recent years have realized that adult versions could be even better.

Christmas Baubles - Photo: Facebook / The Lakes Distillery

Whisky baubles can be found from so many distilleries nowadays and offer an enjoyable drink inside a Christmas decoration.

Top tip: keep the decoration after you use it, buy yourself a bottle of the Whiskey and you’re ready to refill whenever you need to. You could even try DIY making your own decorations with Whiskey miniatures. The Christmas fun never has to end!

4. The Flaviar Vial Ornament

The classic old-school Christmas bulbs may be a beautiful fixture in decorating your festive tree, but what if you wanted something crazier this year? Sure, you could hang boxes of milk or a cat, but we have a better idea.

Turn any Flaviar sample vial into a delicious Xmas ornament using our state-of-the-art Flaviar Christmas Hanger.

Your Christmas tree will sparkle in the hues of your favorite Spirits, and when the time comes to tear the tree down, you’ll have something to spice up the boring and dreary January days.

5. Ambience

Now, this is the final touch that will definitely set your Whiskey themed Christmas tree apart from the rest. Cinnamon, winter spice, or Christmas tree may be the scents of candle that you are used to smelling at this time of year but you deserve to stand out from the crowd.

Whiskey scented candles are now readily available online and will have your living room smelling like a distillery before you can say Uisge Beatha.

Make sure you keep these candle options away from the tree for obvious reasons but keep it close by and your Whiskey tree will suddenly come to life with the scent of your favorite Spirit.

6. The Lazy Approach

We appreciate building a bottle tree from scratch or decorating a tree isn’t for everyone so if all else fails you can just go for the ready-made option.

Some wonderfully artistic folks around the world enjoy making all sorts of furniture and ornaments out of used Whiskey barrels. A quick google for a “used whiskey barrel Christmas tree” and you’ll find yourself a few clicks away from one of these beauties.

Now there’s no excuse. Merry Christmas everyone!

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