Flaviar Advent Calendar: Make Space & Explore Whiskies of the Galaxy

Flaviar Advent Calendar: Make Space & Explore Whiskies of the Galaxy

It’s now a proud Flaviar tradition to celebrate X-Mas by bringing you the best dram Christmas present. And this year, beyond bending time, we’re also seriously bending space by traveling to the furthest reaches of the Whiskyverse.

Put on your Space Suit, get ready for an early blastoff, and order this Big-Banging 24-vial Advent Calendar now! 3...2...1… Let’s see what you’ll be exploring this year!

Flaviar's Whiskey Advent Calendar 2022 is already available! Explore the tasty depths of Whiskey!

Flaviar Whiskies of the Galaxy Advent Calendar

Hop on the Flaviarstar Galactica spaceship and embark on an interstellar Christmas Odyssey through the Whiskyverse and go where your taste buds haven’t gone before.

Countdowns are usually waiting periods of nerve-racking expectation, but with Flaviar’s Calendar, the countdown is the point. The 4th issue of the famous Flaviar Advent Calendar will take you to another Whisky world each day of Advent, but tread lightly—you just might get sucked into a wormhole of new favorite flavors.

Inside the Flaviar Advent Calendar Wormhole

The Flaviar Whiskies of the Galaxy Advent Calendar holds 24 vials of premium Whisky, an award-winning Glencairn tasting glass, a high-quality Flaviar concrete coaster, and a collectible artistic booklet your hitchhiker’s guide to each Whisky in the box. It’s essential equipment for every Whiskynaut.

Our Spirits experts carefully curate a fresh selection of Whiskies each year to give you the opportunity to try something new. This year, we’ll be taking you beyond the familiar horizon with a completely out-of-this-world selection.

24 Whisky Planets, 24 Portals to New Flavors

Warp yourself into uncharted territory as you wrap your palate around 24 vials of specially selected otherworldly Whiskies, ranging from stellar Bourbon and Rye, outstanding Irish and Scotch Single Malt, and heavenly American Single Malt to the unexplored Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky, and cosmically exciting Israeli Single Malt.

That’s twenty-four small steps for your palate, one giant leap for your Spirits-tasting journey.

Engineered to help you conquer new flavors.

Order Now

With the Flaviar Whiskies of the Galaxy Advent Calendar, we can have you travel forward in time, but we cannot stop the supermassive crowds once the word gets out.

Secure your spot on this interstellar flavor rocket before it’s completely sold out. You see, Flaviar Advent Calendars are kinda a big thing in our Flaviarista community. Order yours now to give it enough time to reach you in time for the Holiday Season.

“I treated myself to one and then also bought one for my son and a good friend. Most nights, we drank and talked over zoom or FaceTime.” - Gary, Flaviar Member

Start expanding your Map of Spirits by conquering new drams. You might even find your next favorite planet this Christmas.

From Captains's Log

We don’t want to brag (maybe just a little bit, wink, wink), but you can already read about our 2021 Advent Calendar in Thrillist. Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

“It also shared that the box will include Penelope Bourbon Small Batch Barrel Strength, a bourbon that will be exclusive to this box. You won't find it anywhere else.”

Do you know who else is a big fan of the Flaviar Advent Calendar? Legendary director Steven Soderbergh!

This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen anyone create - the Flaviar Advent Calendar with Spirits.

His words exactly! He told us so in NightCap Live Show.

Here are also some of last year's captains' logs that will help you with your decision, and shine a light on how amazing it is to get Flaviar Advent Calendar.

“This was an awesome experience. I’d continue in this club for this alone!” - Ben, Flaviar Member

“I most likely would have not tried the Japanese Whisky if it weren't because of this.” - Mason, Flaviar Member

“The calendar is designed to help you try something new each day” - Delish

“The boozy countdown makes an excellent gift for adventurous spirits. It comes with everything they need to appreciate the flavorful tour: a Glencairn whiskey tasting glass, a coaster, and a tasting notes booklet, so they know exactly what they're sipping.” - Food and Wine

Farewell, thirsty voyager!


Make your 2022 Whisky Advent adventure even better with this special holiday pass. Invite a friend to join in the Whiskey festivities, to get them a discount, and when they complete their purchase, you get 20 store credits to use on any product on our site!

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