Bring the Holiday Cheer this Year With a Boozy Advent Calendar

Bring the Holiday Cheer this Year With a Boozy Advent Calendar

It took Jules Verne 80 days to travel the world, but he had a big-ass balloon and wasn’t afraid of heights. We’re smarter, so we’re doing it in 24 days while staying put and drinking Whiskey.

The Flaviar Whiskies of the World Calendar 2020 will allow all of you Whiskey lovers to take a journey of discovery this December with 24 delicious drams from different corners of the world, designed to surprise and delight.

Flaviar's Whiskey Advent Calendar 2022 is already available! Explore the tasty depths of Whiskey!

Just an ordinary Thursday? Pop out a vial, and shazam!, it’s a No-thirst-day now. Each day is a chance to explore the vast planet of WhiskeylandBourbon, Scotch, Single Malt, Irish, Japanese, Rye – you name it.

The hand-selected lineup also includes some little known wonders of the Whiskey world from countries including Italy, Israel, and India. Be whisked around the globe and try a new amber delight each day.

The trick is to turn every day into a holiday

Without giving away the surprise, to give an indication of the quality and diversity one can expect behind each door, Flaviar Advent Calendar will include the likes of Tennessee’s finest Uncle Nearest Bourbon, Kilchoman 2010 Vintage from Islay’s farm distillery, and a spectacular Compass Box release, Compass Box Juvenile.

We filled this calendar with exciting expressions to ensure Whiskey lovers will discover some new favorites, hidden gems and unusual offerings such as Sherry filled Whisky from Wales or a Rye Whiskey from the Netherlands for example.

Flaviar's Whiskey Advent Calendar 2022 edition is already available! Explore the tasty depths of Whiskey!

Alright, it’s still summer, why are we even talking about Christmas?

Well, time flies, and if you want to avoid the last-minute gift-buying madness in November, you should get your presents now and be done with it. Plus, you can save some money.

Sure, chocolate is cool but you’re a grown-ass person and a daily vial of Whiskey is way more fun. Don’t believe us?

We don’t want to brag (maybe just a little bit, wink, wink), but here are some of the reviews that will help you with your decision, and shine a light on how amazing it is to get Flaviar Advent Calendar.

“This was an awesome experience. I’d continue in this club for this alone!” - Ben, Flaviar Member

“I most likely would have not tried the Japanese Whisky if it weren't because of this.” - Mason, Flaviar Member

“If grocery store shelves haven't been enough of a clue for you, let this be your official reminder: The holidays are coming early this year. We all probably need something worth celebrating, so you have a free pass to start getting in the holiday spirit ASAP. This means you should start ordering your gifts, and for those with a whiskey-obsessed loved one in their life, the Flaviar whiskey advent calendar is a great place to start.” - Delish

“The boozy countdown makes an excellent gift for adventurous spirits. It comes with everything they need to appreciate the flavorful tour: a Glencairn whiskey tasting glass, a coaster, and a tasting notes booklet, so they know exactly what they're sipping.” - Food and Wine

Do you know who else is a big fan of the Flaviar Advent Calendar? Legendary director Steven Soderbergh!

“This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen anyone create - the Flaviar Advent Calendar with Spirits.”

His words exactly! He told us so in NightCap Live Show.

Order now!

Last year our first batch of Advent Calendars sold out super fast, leaving too many of you beyond disappointed. We can’t have that, can we?

Snatching your calendar now will not only help you secure an amazing gift but will also allow you to worry about more important stuff during the holiday season, like — you know — the festivities.

Time to act. Think of it as your essential equipment that’ll guide you through the world of Whiskey. Get the best gift under the sun. Literally.


Make your 2022 Whisky Advent adventure even better with this special holiday pass. Invite a friend to join in the Whiskey festivities, to get them a discount, and when they complete their purchase, you get 20 store credits to use on any product on our site!

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