Wyoming Whiskey

Every drop of Wyoming Whiskey is crafted in small batches and aged in Kirby, Wyoming. 

“We always want to make sure we have a very strong tie to the state of Wyoming, with my partners being fourth-generation cattle ranchers and his [Brad Mead’s] brother being the governor and all these things. We will always be true to the state, and we will always treat Wyoming first,” says David DeFazio, one of the co-founders.

It comes as no surprise then that Wyoming Whiskey is made from non-GMO corn, winter wheat, barley, and winter rye that are all farmed within one hundred miles of the craft distillery. The water comes from a local well, sunk into an ancient limestone aquifer that’s a million years old — it hasn’t seen the light of day for over 6,000 years. The yeast is a well-guarded secret (Apparently, you’d have to marry Faz, one of the founders, to learn it.) but they disclose that two types of yeasts are used.

All Wyoming Whiskeys are aged for a minimum of five years in the unique Kirby environment where the winters are freezing and the summers are smoldering hot. 

They currently have 6 Whiskeys in their line up: their original, flagship, award-winning Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, their Double Cask Bourbon Whiskey which gets secondary maturation in decades-old casks seasoned by Pedro Ximenez Sherry, their singularly crafted Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, their Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey, Outryder, and a special National Parks Limited Edition Whiskey.


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Wyoming Whiskey