Russian Vodka

The Russians know a thing or two about Vodka. After all, they've been in the game for centuries. Russian Vodka is primarily a grain-based affair using corn, sorghum, rye and wheat, and leaves an impression.

But don't take our word for it—try some the Russian Vodka brands from our selection. We've curated an exceptional list of the best Russian Vodka in the world. After all, tasting is believing.

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Russians take their Vodka drinking very seriously. A government researcher estimated that the average Russian consumes 180 bottles of Vodka a year—that's nearly a bottle every two days. Looks like you might have some catching up to do.

Voda, voda, everywhere. Yep, Vodka is taken from the Slavic word for water: "voda." Just don’t get the two confused post-workout.

You say "poh-tay-toe," I say "poh-tah-toe," but the truth is, most Vodka isn’t made from your favorite starchy veg. Modern Vodka is usually grain-based. But don’t worry keto freaks — it’s still 0 carbs.

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