Polish Vodka

Polish Vodka is quite possibly the most revered of all Vodka. And while it can be produced in a manner of different ways with a variety of grains, the country's true spiritual calling is its Polish potato Vodka. Slightly sweet and distinctively creamy, you're bound to find insanely delicious nuances in each brand.

Good thing we can recommend some of the best Polish Vodka brands to get you started.

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
At one point in time, Polish men would scent their Vodka and use it as an aftershave.

Talk about an about face! There’s a reason why people stick their Vodka in the freezer. Keeping the bottle ice cold not only tames some of its fiery heat, but it brings out some of the richness and viscosity of the Spirit.

Unbelievably, Vodka has no sugar, carbs, fat, cholesterol, fiber, sodium, vitamins or minerals. Consumed on its own, it’s just straight up ethanol and water.