French Vodka

Whether its distilled from soft winter wheat or grapes from the Cognac region, French Vodka makes a subtle, yet unforgettable, impression. With its reputation for wine, its easy to forget that France produces some of the most elegant Vodka out there.

Coincidentally, we have a few of the finest French Vodka on hand for your next tasting occasion. Actually, that wasn't a coincidence at all.

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Sidney Frank, an American business man, was the first person to start distilling Vodka in France for the masses. His product? The infamous Grey Goose, which he sold to Bacardi in 2004.

Vodka can cure what ails ya. It’s been shown to disinfect a toothache and ward off poison ivy by washing away its itchy culprit: urushiol oil.

Today, Vodka comes in all sorts of crazy flavors: bacon, maple syrup, PB&J, dill pickle and even smoked salmon — BYO-blinis and caviar.