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Ever wanted to be an owner of a Spirits brand? Imagine sipping on a premium tipple and saying: "This is mine!"

After successful crowdfunding rounds in 2021 and 2022 we are back. With over 80% growth in sales, new team members and expression.

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The Power of The People

What happened in 2022?

85% YoY Growth

Our sales have grown by 85%, with over 40,000 sold bottles since launch.


We have scaled to new states, introduced hundreds of new accounts and started selling in some of the nation's biggest liquor store chains.

We have scaled the team

Hired 4 new people, including a new VP of sales with 30+ years in the industry.

Introducing a new expression

An Irish American twist on the Manhattan. A delicious second act of the blockbuster revolutionary Ready-To-Serve Bottled Craft Cocktail

Great Angels & Advisors

We have raised additional capital from the likes of founder of Svedka and Google executives.

There is Strenght in Numbers


We are here today to open the doors to a new round of funding and to invite you to join in the success of Hercules Mulligan. We stand for community supported spirits. We stand for you. Stand with us and join the spirits revolution with Hercules Mulligan.

Featured in

New York Times
Rolling Stone
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How Does Shareholding Work?

Support what you believe

Support what you believe in

The brand has already generated over 10.000+ bottle sales with an incredible 22% repurchase rate (compared to 6% Flaviar average.)

Support what you believe

Participate in the campaign

The brand is run by seasoned team of the Spirits and entrepreneurial industry experts, from Craft to big brands.

Support what you believe

Build the future with us

Featured in the immensely popular musical Hamilton, Hercules Mulligan has the star power to stand out of the ready-to-drink crowd.

What is Crowdfunding?

We’re looking to raise a total of $1.5M and the minimum investment is $100. Hercules Mulligan was a Revolutionary-era Irish-American tailor and spy whose name you might recognize from a certain Broadway play. His tailor shop was located in lower Manhattan and frequented by British soldiers who would casually spill their secrets to Hercules after having a few of his drinks. He was a friend of Alexander Hamilton’s and saved George Washington’s life… twice.
Short answer: No. Yes. This is our third fundraise effort.