All about Leopold Bros.

Todd and Scott Leopold opened a brewery in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and fittingly named it Leopold Bros. It was a huge hit and they soon branched off into distillation. Their first spirits hit the market in 2001.

They moved the operation to their home state of Colorado in 2008, and operate from there today. They make a Gin, Tequila, Vodka, and several Liqueurs and Aperitifs, but it all started with Whiskey.

The first and core of the line is their Leopold Bros. American small batch Whiskey. The mash bill consists of only corn and rye — sweet and spicy. But they cold ferment it, which takes longer, but the brothers think that it makes for a smoother Whiskey.

They aren’t saying, but we suspect that they call it American Whiskey instead of Bourbon, because the barrels might be used, as opposed to new. They serve it up at a relatively stout 49% ABV, so there is plenty of strength and flavor.

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