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The story of Balcones Distilling started with a dedication to craft original and authentic Whiskies. By fusing centuries of rich distilling traditions with the bold Texan flavors, today Balcones is a name in the Whisky world that’s associated with quality and innovation. Using high-quality ingredients and drawing inspiration from all over Texas, it’s no surprise they’ve already garnered more than 350 national and international tasting awards.

The magic happens at the Texas Fireproof Storage Company building that’s located in downtown Waco. They boast four copper pot stills by Forsyths, considered some of the best Scottish artisans. All Spirits are mashed, fermented, distilled, and aged on-site. Oh, and they never chill filter or add artificial colorings.

The best American-made Single Malt Whisky was to be created first. While the good folk of Balcones were waiting for it to mature, they began distilling corn and other specialty Whiskies. Their first single malt, Texas “1” Single Malt, was named the Best in the World at the 2012 Best in Glass Competition (London) and it garnered several other prestigious awards since.

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All about Balcones distillery

Balcones Distilling is a small distillery, founded in 2008, in Waco, Texas —just about halfway between Dallas and Austin. They hand-make a range of Whiskeys and Rums, all of which are unabashedly crafted.

Winning over 300 awards, Balcones Spirits are made with serious craftsmanship and quality. They have a pair of conical, copper pot stills, cranking out a range of ten core Whiskeys and Spirits, along with the occasional special project or two.

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