Limited Edition Rye Whiskey

A band of Flaviar brethren joined forces with WhistlePig to blend a special Rye Whiskey that's exclusively available to you, our members. Only 402 bottles are available. Time's ticking...

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Special Release

Blended for Members by Members
On a sunny Saturday in October, 10 Flaviar members traveled to Vermont to blend a one-of-a-kind Whiskey for their brethren. Each individual worked to create a magical concoction, knowing that only one would be chosen. Finally, they voted for the best blend amongst them, the one that WhistlePig would produce and bottle in limited quantity. Now it's finally here and this is your chance to own it.

Brought to You by Flaviar Members

On an enchanting 150-year-old dairy farm in Vermont, 10 members-turned-master-blenders took their place behind elegant wood-finished blending kits. Each blender executed the subtlest alchemy, writing down the perfect ratio of the components down to the last drop After an intense blending session, they were treated to a candlelit family feast in the great room and marshmallow roasting before the winner was announced.

The Blending Experience

The journey

Creating a Whiskey to satisfy Flaviar members' palates is no small feat. And our 10 member blenders took the responsibility seriously. It was challenging—and the competition was fierce. Focus and attention to detail were the order of the day as only one blend would emerge victorious.

Where it all took place

This fine bottle of Whiskey was born on a bucolic dairy farm in Shoreham, Vermont. Every single step of production happened on 500 acres of rolling countryside bliss, where Mangalitsa pigs, sheep and horses peacefully graze as farmers cultivate oats, barley, maple syrup and an array of vegetables in a rambling garden...

Meet the Whiskey

Created by the expert palate of Flaviar member Scott, this exclusive bottle is a custom blend of WhistlePig's signature "Old World Rye," a mix of Rye Whiskeys finished in different European Wine casks (think: port, madeira, sauternes). It was completely produced under the watchful eye of the WhistlePig team.
Rye Whiskey
United States
12 Year Old

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