WhistlePig Rye Flaviar Blends 2018: LA and NYC

Two bands of Flaviar brethren joined forces with WhistlePig to blend a special Rye Whiskey — one in NYC, one in LA. Now, the fruits of their labor are exclusively available to our members. Only 396 bottles of each edition. Time's ticking...

Special Releases

Blended for Members by Members

This year, we dabbled in a bit of bi-coastal blending. A group of Flaviar members set off for two epic locations: NYC and LA. Each individual worked to create a magical Whiskey concoction, knowing that only one would be chosen from each location. Finally, each city voted for the best blend in their group—the one that WhistlePig would produce and bottle.

Now, both bottles are here. This is your chance to own them.

A Tale of Two Cities

In the dog days of summer, members-turned-master-blenders took their place behind elegant wood-finished blending kits in two stunning scenes: NYC’s View of the World Terrace Club and LA’s Hotel Figueroa.

And the winners? Whiskey Team Steve in NYC and Team Crooked Table in LA. Read more→

Meet the Whiskey

Created by a team of expert Flaviar palates in NYC and LA, these exclusive bottles are a custom blend of WhistlePig's signature "Old World Rye," a mix of Rye Whiskeys finished in different European Wine casks (think: port, madeira, sauternes). It was completely produced under the watchful eye of the WhistlePig team.
Straight Rye Whiskey
United States
New York City / Los Angeles
12 Year Old
Madeira, Port and Sauternes cask finish

The moment you've been waiting for

You ready? Good. Because you'll need to be quick. Only 396 bottles of each edition are available. Let's roll.