Guatemalan Rum

Guatemalan Rum is distilled from fermented virgin sugar cane syrup–not from molasses.

Because of the frequent earthquakes in Guatemala, barrels are stored upright, rather than on their side. Some Rums are aged using the sistema solera process, which leads to gradual blending of spirits of different ages.

Guatemala also requires that the fresh spirit is put into the barrel at no more than 60% ABV. The ageing warehouses are at very high altitudes, where temperatures are cooler and more consistent year-round, thus suitable for a slooooow ageing process.

Guatemalan Rum is best savoured on its own, but it also works well in some cocktails. If we could recommend only one Guatemalan Rum, it would be ...Nah, you'll just have to try them yourself.

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Next time you have a tipple of Rum you can say that you're tapping the Admiral. This intriguing phrase comes from the great Admiral Nelson who was killed in the battle of Trafalgar off of Spain. The story is that his body was preserved in Rum to be shipped back to England but, when the barrel arrived, some of the Rum was missing and said to have been siphoned off by some desperate or unknowing sailors. It's a great story but most likely false.

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