Queens Courage Gin Old Tom

Queens Courage Gin Old Tom

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Astoria Distilling Company was founded in 2012 by Chris Murillo. Murillo had worked as a corporate lawyer for 9 years and decided it was time to pursue his passion for spirits, and after some dedicated research, Astoria Distilling Company was found. They are the first distillery to be opened in the Queens area of New York since the Prohibition era.
Queens Courage Old Tom Gin is a great twist on the typical Gin flavour. It has the typical juniper taste with an added drop of honey, to give it a sweet floral note. There are also succulent and juicy orange peels and lemon zest to really give this dram a good tang!
Tasting notes

Appearance / Color

Crystal clear
Smell / Nose / Aroma
Fresh and light with sweet fruits and honey
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Honey and oranges with a little herby nte and of couse juniper berries
Citrus tang and lasting

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juniper berries
orange peel
lemon zest
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Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Queens Courage Gin Old Tom
As somewhat of a gin aficionado, I was excited to see this version of the Old Tom's gin. I love like the fresh sensation of a good gin and tonic made with a great standby London Dry such as Boodles, and distinctly do not like the malty flavor of the more traditional Genever varieties, so I've always been a big fan of the Old Tom styles of gins. My variety prior to finding Queens Courage was Uncle Val's Botanical, which I suppose could be categorized as part of the "new wave" of gins that focus less on juniper and more on other types of botanicals, like the Hendricks brand. Unlike some other variations of the Old Tom "genre" of gins, the sweetness of Queen's Courage is never overwhelming, even if you use it to make a proper martini. It has a nice complexity that's not all overwhelming. I can't say enough about the flavor profile of this gin, particularly when paired with a nice tonic such as a Fever Tree (I like the basic Fever Tree, although you can definitely kick up a notch with the Mediterranean Fever Tree).
I failed to detect the lambs spleen, but thought this robust but smooth gin (hint of lemon) was absolutely grand. I like to taste my spirits and this flavorful gin sets the bar pretty high.
Outstanding flavor, very smooth, great for a martini.
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