Lock Stock & Barrel Rye Whiskey 13 Year Old

Lock Stock & Barrel Rye Whiskey 13 Year Old

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Lock Stock & Barrel Rye Whiskey 13 Year Old just feels right, and every bit of that pure spirit is in there, perfectly aged, with all of the intoxicating power you expect … want … need … gotta’ have!
Cooper Spirits founder Robert Cooper rocked the bartending world making something entirely new. In 2007 they exploded onto the craft distilling scene with their flagship product, St. Germain, an innovative liqueur whose primary component is French elderflower from the Burgundy region. This accomplishment raised Cooper Spirits to become the Wine Enthusiast “Distiller of the Year” just four years later. Cheers to you Rob! 
Cooper Spirits remains the brand manager for St. Germain, having sold production to Bacardi. But Robert Cooper is a third-generation liquor producer and has no intention of stopping now. They have used those funds to curate and launch several new products: Illegal Mezcal, Slow & Low bottled cocktail and Lock Stock & Barrel Rye Whiskey

How perfect is the name? It’s surprising that no one has linked it with Whiskey before now, right? But what matters is what is on the inside, so let’s get to it. Lock Stock & Barrel is 100% Rye Whiskey. The 100% Rye category is coming on strong and Uncle Flaviar is glad to see it. Most think that pure Rye is too much trouble and far too powerful of stuff on its own. Even those Rye-drinking die-hards in the Great White North—usually cut the Rye with neutral grain spirits and water. But in today’s flavor-craving world, pure Rye just feels right and honest and different. Go Team Rye!
Anyway, if you are not going to dilute the unbridled heart of pure Rye Whiskey, proper aging is the best way to tame the spirit. Lock Stock & Barrel Rye Whiskey is aged for a full 13 years in new, charred, American oak. The results are impressive. The unadulterated, perfectly crafted Rye spirit shines out. It is bottled at over 100 Proof too, but it is so smooth and easy to drink—even neat—that you will keep checking the label to make sure that you didn’t mis-read it. But every bit of that pure spirit is in there, perfectly aged, with all of the intoxicating power you expect … want … need … gotta’ have!
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  • Style
    Rye Whiskey
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  • Distillery
    Cooper Spirits Bottler
  • Age
    13 Year Old

Flavour Spiral™

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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Dark Amber   
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Caramel and spiced honey-butter 
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Salted Caramel, tobacco, and baking spices 
Warming, with a lingering of more spice and honey
Ratings & Reviews
Best rye whiskey I’ve ever had. Spicy and fruity with a grape juice-esque after taste
A little steep in price, but the best Canadian rye I've tasted.
Underwhelmed, but have a whole bottle to continue tasting. NOT worth the price. Soft and inviting nose, but barely 2-dimensional; dry and flat on the pallet with a warm spicy finish. I think I'm happier with Templeton or Whistle Pig... It's not bad, it's just thoroughly unimpressive given the hype and price tag.
This is not from Pennsylvania; it is sourced from Alberta Distilleries (ADL).
Best rye imho
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