Bourbon & Rye Subscription Box: Let your adventure begin.

The road leads to an expanded palate, enhanced knowledge, and premium Spirits that match your taste.
How it works

As a Flaviar member, you can pick

A themed Tasting Box and a bottle of premium Bourbon & Rye included in your subscription quarterly delivery. If you feel like exploring, there are also other Spirits you can choose from.

Your Spiritual journey with a Bourbon & Rye Tasting box

Get 3 tasty samples delivered to your door Each Tasting Box includes three 1.5 oz (50 ml) vials filled with premium Spirits in the theme you’ve chosen.
Open, pour,
and get to drinkin’
There’s plenty of booze for a thirsty threesom… if you decide to share. You can also get additional Tasting Boxes and organise a tasting party - in person or online.
Find out what’s happening inside your mouth You won’t be flying solo. The handy Flavor SpiralTM and VOD content will lead you through every taste and aroma, helping you detect subtle differences and nuances.

But wait, there’s more!

The Tasting Box is just the tip of the delicious, distilled iceberg that is Flaviar Club Membership. Your membership also comes with…

Of your choosing each quarter — in addition to the Tasting Box!

Plus, the hassle-free option to cancel any time.

Access to Flaviar-exclusive Spirits — including special craft distillery creations & spirits co-created by Flaviar Members favorites.

A friendship bound by Spirits is a bond for life. If you refer a friend, you both get a complimentary bottle of a Members' favorite. For every friend.

Like a Zoom meeting, but with alcohol, knowledgeable Spirits experts, celebrities, and fellow aficionados.

Mix and mingle with other Spirits enthusiasts who rate, review, and rave over Spirits so you can always find new favorites.

What do
Spirits-lovers say?

athomemixology athomemixology instagram
athomemixology Scotch! …is not really in my wheelhouse. So having the chance to taste three very different, very high-quality scotch whiskies through my @flaviar_com membership really helped me develop a better sense of the kinds of scotches I do and don’t like (as well as what those pretentious-sounding tasting notes actually equate to on your tongue).
thepoetandthewizard thepoetandthewizard instagram
thepoetandthewizard Turned our living room into a super chill whiskey tasting tonight with #flaviar” - 8 days isolated and still in love so had to celebrate
jack_s_actual jack_s_actual instagram
jack_s_actual One of the last few samples. A 10 year single malt from @tamdhuwhisky. Pretty good stuff and as always, a flavourful Speyside dram. If I can find this bottle, I would buy two. #homebar #tamdhu #singlemalt #scotch #speyside #speysidewhisky #scotchporn #whiskydram #whiskydrinker #scotchandcigars #cigar #dram #flaviar

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