Gin Mare

The makers of Gin Mare, Mark and Manuel Giro, come from a famous Spanish distilling family; the Giro Ribot family has been dealing in Wine and Spirits since 1835. However, the brothers wanted to create something new, inspired by the Mediterranean.

And so, in 2007, Gin Mare was born. Using local botanicals, including arbequina olives, juniper berries grown on the family’s land, thyme, basil, rosemary and a lot of citrus, Gin Mare is a true taste of the Mediterranean.

Distilled at Destilerías Miquel Guansé, the citrus fruit (sweet oranges from Seville, bitter oranges from Valencia, lemons from Lleida) is macerated in neutral grain Spirit for an entire year before being distilled.

The other botanicals are macerated and distilled separately before they’re all blended together with more grain Spirit and water to create the final product. This Spanish Gin is growing to be somewhat of a cult icon – leading the way in the Spanish Gin-aissance.

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Gin Mare