George Dickel has a handful of Tennessee Whiskey products, plus Corn and Rye Whiskies. Their core product is George Dickel Classic No. 8 Tennessee Whiskey.

As a reminder, the legal requirements for a spirit to be called “Tennessee Whiskey” are for all intents and purposes identical to the legal requirements to be called Bourbon with two additional: it must be made and aged in the state of Tennessee and it must undergo the “Lincoln County Process” of filtration.

This filtration process involves running the finished spirit through charcoal made from sweet maple wood. George Dickel Classic No. 8 Tennessee Whiskey actually meets three legal definitions: it is a Bourbon, a Tennessee Whiskey, and a Corn Whiskey.

This is because the mash bill is heavy on the Corn — 84% — with the balance equally divided between Rye and malted Barley. It is served at a standard 40% ABV. The result is a smooth, relatively sweet Whiskey with a caramel-corn flavor and not much spice.

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