Few Cold Cut Bourbon

Few Cold Cut Bourbon

(0.75l, 46.5%)

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An award-winning Chicago Bourbon cut to proof with cold-brew morning joe.

Paul Hletko’s grandfather lost his Czechoslovak brewery to the Nazi’s in World War II and never got it back. Paul was doing home brewing and wanted to go into business for himself and took his family history and experience to heart, founding FEW Spirits in 2011. Ever the rebel, he opened his “grain to glass” craft business in Evanston, Illinois — the birthplace of the temperance movement — from a small building whose only entryway is through a back alley. And we are all glad he did. Over the last eight years, FEW Spirits has grown to three Whiskies, three Gins, and a handful of employees whose motto is “By the Few, for the Few.”

Hang on to your shot glasses, my friend. If you are already a fan, FEW Cold Cut Bourbon is the multi-award-winning, signature FEW Bourbon with it three-grain mash and 46.5% ABV all just how you might remember them. The difference is HOW they get from cask-strength to that 46.5%. The perfectly aged Bourbon is cut to proof… with cold-brew coffee. Really. They get it from a local specialty coffee-maker in Chicago called Passion House. Through a lot of experimentation they found that cold-brew coffee was less bitter — and therefore a better compliment to the natural flavor profile of the FEW Bourbon. But this is NOT a “coffee drink.” It’s remarkably balanced and the coffee note is more of a compliment and lingering finish on this noteworthy dram.

Smartass corner:
FEW Spirits has a nice ring to it, but it’s also a poke in the eye to governmental kill-joys. You see, F. E. W. are the initials of Francis Elizabeth Willard who was a local leader of the prohibition movement back in the day.

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Bourbon must be made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Rich Mahogany

Nose / Aroma / Smell
The palate is classic Bourbon with vanilla, toffee, citrus zest, apple, and a hint of menthol with an added note of coffee ice cream.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
The palate is rich with cinnamon and cloves, caramel sauce, warm maize, and smoked paprika.

Very long and lightly sweet with coffee notes stretching into the future.
Ratings & Reviews
This is a great whiskey! Especially liked the flavor the cold brew added to the mix. It's one to sit and mellow in your mouth than you have the coffee flavor. Really enjoyed this whiskey and highly recommend.
I found it tasty with a good mouth feel. I think my palate is damaged as I don't get a lot of coffee. Just a relatively velvet feel from the whiskey with a touch of alcohol bite.
This was an experiment for me. Turns out it was an experiment in SUCCESS. I found this to be a very enjoyable sip. The coffee lays on the palate but just enough to give it that organic note. The taste and finish was first rate, with that traditional warm feeling all the way to the gut. WELL WORTH THE RISK. I may attempt an Old Fashioned with this, just to see.
Incredibly smooth! Coffee sits nice on the palate as a soft note rather than an overwhelming flavor. Easily one of my favorite bottles!
I really wanted to like this. The coffee just gave it a bitter finish. It overpowered everything else. Maybe for some coffee based cocktails but not on its own. I know I am going against the grain on this review but I just don't see the high rating this Bourbon has.
Incredibly smooth. Rich spicy nose with a hint of coffee. Full smooth palate with notes of burnt sugar, mild coffee & citrus. The finish lingers and the coffee note builds subtly with each sip. Instant put this bottle in our top 10.
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