De Kuyper

De Kuyper is produced in De Kuyper distillery. Some of the most popular expressions of De Kuyper include: De Kuyper Lapsang Souchong Tea Liqueur, De Kuyper Oude Graan Jenever, De Kuyper Lemongrass Liqueur.

Flavor profile of this Liqueur typically features notes of toffee, cherry, sweet and molasses.
De Kuyper Flavor Spiraltm
  • toffee
  • cherry
  • sweet
  • molasses
  • butter
  • honey
  • elderflower
  • caramel
  • butterscotch
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De Kuyper Royal Distillers
De Kuyper Royal Distillers was established in 1695, and is the ninth oldest family-run business in The Netherlands.


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De Kuyper Royal Distillers has been making Spirits, Liqueurs, Creams, and Bitters for more than 320 years. Based in Schiedam in The Netherlands, the birthplace of Jenever, De Kuyper’s range makes it the world’s largest producer of cocktail Liqueurs. In 1752, the company produced solely Gin and Jenever.

Its location in Schiedam meant it was close to the port, whereby exotic herbs, spices, and botanicals came into the country and were quickly put to use in the Spirits production business. In the 1970s, Liqueurs overtook Gin in De Kuyper’s product portfolio.

Today, De Kuyper boasts 36 Liqueurs, as well as Brandies, Advocaats, and Bitters. De Kuyper Royal Distillers is also the owner of a number of smaller distilleries, such as Rutte, another Schiedam-based distillery which produces a range of Gins.
Distillery info:
  • Country Netherlands
  • Established 1695
  • Owner Independent
  • Visitor center No
  • Status Active
  • Address Buitenhavenweg 98, 3113 BE Schiedam, The Netherlands
  • Phone +31 104279700
  • Website
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De Kuyper video
A transcript for non-audio situations Man: This is De Kuyper Royal Distillers. De Kuyper is the world's largest Cocktail Liquor brand, as well as producer of many other special beverages, selling over 50 million bottles in over 100 countries every year. A Dutch company, owned by the same family since it was founded in 1695, a company where tradition and heritage blend with innovation and the latest trends and developments in the beverage industry.

Ben: You can find our products all around the world.

Matthijs: Everybody can distill, but it's a matter of their skill, of course, and quality.

Marc: Kuyper Royal Distillers is the fifth oldest family business in the Netherlands.

Ben: You see, only way to grow at De Kuyper, that's through our brand, by investing in our partners, our distribution partners, and our relationship with the consumer.

Man: From five locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United States, De Kuyper exports its variety of products through a strong network of long-term partnerships all over the world. Petrus De Kuyper founded the company more than 300 years ago, and today it's still fully owned by his descendants. Marc: It feels very special to work for our family business. My father retired last year, so it feels very good to represent the family in the business.

Man: Former CEOs have included family members, as well as external professionals. De Kuyper's current CEO, Ben van Doesburgh, has brought in his extensive experience in the corporate world of leading American stock market listed companies.

Ben: The challenge for me in this job is to merge the qualities of a family company with the challenges of a high-performance organization.

Man: The most important part of De Kuyper's activities is the production of a range of premium Cocktail Liquors, 36 different flavors, enabled bartenders all over the world to mix the most exotic Cocktails.

Matthijs: And one of the most important things that we still making our own flavors. We can say, honestly, we make our own flavors. Man: Amongst other products, the Liquor range is distilled in De Kuyper's facility in Schiedam. Another famous product is produced here as well, Peachtree. Schiedam facility clearly shows De Kuyper's rich heritage, combined with a modern corporate strategy.

Ben: And we have a fantastic facility in the south of Holland in Middelharnis that was acquired when we acquired the Warninks Advocaat brand.

Man: In this facility, De Kuyper produces products based on eggs and greens. It also hosts a research and development department. This is where new products for the entire company come to life. And then there's Mandarine Napoleon. Mandarine Napoleon is made in the south of Belgium, using the latest pot still technology available on the market today. In fact, this impressive distillery was originally founded by monks.

Ben: I have seen many distilleries in my career, but it is by far the most beautiful Spirits distilling facility that I know in the world. Matthijs: I think it's one of the top Liquors in the world. It's based on mandarine, of course, with some orange, and with some herbs and plants, and there are no other flavors used, and that's exceptional.

Man: The fourth location is based in Zoetermeer.

Ben: The state-of-the-art facility in which we hold a 33% share where we co-produce with other Spirits producers. It's mostly a bottling facility, from where we make most of our volume nowadays. So what used to be bottled here is now bottled in this very efficient plant in Zoetermeer.

Man: It's rich heritage, craftsmanship handed down over the centuries, coupled with entrepreneurship, have made De Kuyper what it is today, a successful, leading global producer of Liquors, Brandies, and Schnapps. More than 300 years have past since the company was founded, and it's still expanding today. As market leader and innovator of flavors, De Kuyper is always seeking new opportunities, creating new products, and conquering new markets. [music]

Ben: Well I'm a big fan of Mandarine Napoleon. I think it should be drunk with a good amount of lemon juice.

Matthijs: Personally I prefer Peachtree. You can make some splendid combinations. Recently of course, Cherry Brandy XO. And of course Mandarine Napoleon.