All about Santa Teresa

If Santa Teresa has taught us one thing, it is that nothing goes better together than Rugby and Rum.

Situated in Venezuela, the historical Hacienda Santa Teresa has a rugby pitch on the grounds, allowing for the perfect way for workers to blow off some steam in their lunch hour.

The distillery also supports The Alcatraz Project that sets out to rehabilitate ex-gang members by teaching them teamwork.

The ethos of teamwork is one that runs throughout the company, who see their role in distilling as part of a wider team as well.

Distilled at the Santa Teresa Estate, their lineup includes their Santa Teresa Claro, Santa Teresa Gran Reserva and Santa Teresa 1796.

All about Santa Teresa distillery

Ron Santa Teresa is one of the first Rum producers in the Caribbean, with a history dating back to over 200 years. The family-owned Santa Teresa Estate was founded in 1796.

Nestled in a rich fertile valley near the city of Caracas, every single Rum in the Hacienda line-up is aged in American white oak and French Limousin oak barrels.

The distillery has survived several economic and political hardships. After the late President Chávez’s socialist revolution, gangs invaded Santa Teresa's newly revamped estate.

After the incident, the president of the company Alberto Vollmer did something quite unorthodox that garnered much respect in the Venezuelan community. He decided to employ them.

Vollmer initiated Project Alcatraz, allowing Santa Teresa to essentially function as both a distillery and a rehabilitation center.

Distilled from molasses made from sugarcane grown on the Santa Teresa Estate, and other local farms, their Rums are produced using a multiple-column still.

Their lineup includes their young Santa Teresa Claro cocktail Rum, Santa Teresa Gran Reserva and Solera aged Santa Teresa 1796.

Distillery info

  • Country: Venezuela
  • Established: 1796
  • Address: Hacienda Santa Teresa, Municipio Revenga, El Consejo, Edo. Aragua, ZC2118, Venezuela
  • Phone: 0244-4002500
  • Website: