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Journeyman Distillery is located in a 19th century corset and buggy whip factory in Three Oaks, Michigan. EK Warren a hardcore prohibitionist in his time founded the company back in 1883 and the building where bottles are distilled, aged and bottled all under one roof hasn’t changed much.

At Journeyman they focus on distilling handcrafted, organic spirits, from Gin, Vodka to all kinds of Whiskeys. As they are located on the northern edge of grain-fed American heartland it is no wonder that Whiskey from all kinds of grain is their largest product category.

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All about Journeyman distillery

Bill Welter was in the family banking business in Valparaiso, Indiana. But when the family decided to sell the family business, Bill went and lived in Scotland for a few years and developed an interest in distilling.

When he returned home he moved just across the state line, 40 miles away to Three Oaks, Michigan — because of the friendlier distillation laws — and established Journeyman Distillery in 2010.

They’re producing small batch, organic Spirits at the old Featherbone factory. Even though the company is fairly new, the facility is old — from the 130-year-old maplewood floor boards of the factory to the gleaming high-copper content still.

The factory itself was originally a factory built in 1883 for making “corsets and buggy-whips.” Today they have no less than nineteen products ranging from a variety of Whiskies to Rums, Vodkas, Gins, and a handful of specialty Spirits.

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